Manu Ginobilli gets involved in the administration of consortia

“Since I left my parents’ house, I have lived in closed apartments or neighborhoods. The perception is that communication is never clear and efficient between administrators and neighbors. ConsorcioAbierto is changing that dynamic and makes that relationship more professional and transparent, ”he shared Manu Ginobili and I add: “They are a great team with a lot of focus on solving this massive and everyday problem.”

For his part, Albano Laiuppa, Director of ConsorcioAbierto and one of its founders, said: “It is a privilege that Manu Ginobili is part of our team. It motivates us because professionalism and commitment to continuous improvement is part of our culture and Manu represents many of those values. We have a tremendous team that is complemented by incredible investors ”.

ConsorcioAbierto is an online system for consortium administrations that allows centralizing accounting / administrative management and communication with neighbors. “We understand the administration of buildings or neighborhoods as an SME that is in a process of digital transformation necessary and we help them to do it in the best way, “said Laiuppa.

“The neighbor also accelerated its digitization and demands more firmly from its administrations a change in the way of functioning, of relating. More than 70% of people live in buildings in capital cities and that is why it is necessary to continue transforming the sector and revalue good administrations. The impact is measured in millions of people! ”, he added.

“In recent months we have incorporated a disruptive novelty in the sector. Administrators can now automatically upload their invoices to the system. This not only saves them dozens of hours of manual labor, but it also contributes to transparency with the neighbors ”, Laiuppa completed.

To this launch, a new feature was added to control access to gated communities and towers. This feature allows neighbors to charge waiting visitors, employees, and vendors. In this way, accesses are streamlined and more security is provided for residents.

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Manu Ginobilli gets involved in the administration of consortia