To comply with the calendar, they will play at 8:00 p.m. in Villa Ramallo Defensores y Regatas, while from 8:30 p.m. Somisa and La Emilia will face each other. In addition, on Saturday there was activity by the Lower ABSN and during the weekend by the Regional. The seventh date of the Prefederal was also partially played.

With two games, today will close the regular phase of A1 in the tournament “Daniel ´Nene´ Spurio” of the First local. At 8:00 p.m. Defensores y Regatas will play in Villa Ramallo, while from 8:30 p.m. Somisa and La Emilia will face off.

Both games will be played to comply with the calendar, since in this group everything is already resolved. Somisa is already first, Belgrano second, Regatas third and Defensores fourth.

In this way, Somisa-Defensores and Belgrano-Regatas will clash in the semifinals of the Final Four. Don Bosco, the sixth, has already descended, while the fifth, La Emilia will have to play the promotion / stay repechage with second, third and fourth of A2, where, with a date and four pending to be played, Regatas “B ”Was one step away from ascending. He would only not go up if he loses the two remaining matches against Riberas and Sacachispas and that, at the same time, the latter wins both (Regatas would have to beat him by more than four points of difference in addition).

Instead, Los Andes said goodbye to the possibility of qualifying, as had already happened with Social.

To continue competing, in search of two places, there is a very close fight between four participants: Belgrano “B”, Miter, Somisa “B” and Riberas. In the midst of this struggle, tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. in Villa Constitución, Riberas and Somisa “B” will be measured from 8:00 p.m.


Meanwhile, for the ABSN Lower League championship on Saturday the following results were recorded:

Sub-13: Sacachispas 88-Riberas 86, Regattas “B” 68-Don Bosco 35 and Belgrano “A” 68-Los Andes 31;

Sub-15: Somisa 28-Defensores 67, Miter 51-Belgrano “B” 52, Sacachispas 101-Riberas 56 and Regattas “B” 88-Don Bosco 17;

Sub-17: Somisa “A” 71-Defensores 54, Miter 36-Belgrano “B” 73, La Emilia 77-Somisa “B” 57, Sacachispas 67-Riberas 51 and Regattas “B” 48-Don Bosco 51;

Sub-20: Somisa 85-Defensores 82 and Sacachispas 38-Riberas 56.


For the CAB 1 Sports Region tournament there was activity this weekend for the teams of the San Nicolás Basketball Association in the men’s branch. In U-17, for Group A Belgrano beat Alumni de Casilda 91-52 in the “Fortunato Bonelli”. For B, Regatas fell as a visitor with Unión de Arroyo Seco 73-58, for E Sacachispas in Villa Constitución lost with Gimnasia de Rosario 68-62. Riberas-Atlantic was not programmed for C. In D, Somisa was free.

As for the U-15s, for Group C in Villa Ramallo Defensores they widely beat Atlantic Sportmen 103-40 and for D Regatas they defeated Unión de Arroyo Seco 65-36. Belgrano-Fisherton was not programmed for B. Finally, in Sub-13 Regatas in Rosario he beat Fortín Barracas by Group B 92-45, while by A Belgrano he was defeated on his court by Atlantic 54-44.


Between Friday, Saturday and Sunday the seventh date of the Prefederal Tournament of the province of Buenos Aires was partially played. With these final markers:

Group A: Los Indios de Junín 71-Argentino de Trenque Lauquen 51 and CAVUL de Lincoln 75-9 de Julio de Junín 84. Free: Atlético Villegas;

Group B: Communications of Pergamino 64-Independiente de Zárate 75; suspended: Náutico de San Pedro-Defensores. Free: Sacachispas;

Group C: Independiente de Tandil 84-Alvarado de Mar del Plata 63 and SMATA de Mar del Plata 74-Racing de Olavarría 90. Free: Pueblo Nuevo de Olavarría;

Group D: Deportivo San Vicente 80-Platense de La Plata 76 and Gimnasia de Chivilcoy 66-Social Alejandro Korn 77. Free: Náutico de Zárate.