In the “Founding Members”, on the eighth date of A1, Arámburu’s team beat Defensores 88 to 71 and reached Belgrano’s position at the top of the table. The winner was Gerónimo Rausch from Bahia and Martín Pérez Douthat from Chaco.

Pérez Douthat and Rausch debuted last night at Somisa.


In the continuity of the tournament “Daniel ´Nene´ Spurio” of the First local, last night in the “Socios Fundadores” Somisa surpassed Defensores and reached Belgrano at the top of the A1.

By the eighth date, Nicolás Arámburu’s team won by 88 to 71, with the presentations of intern Gerónimo Rausch and forward Martín Pérez Douthat. Rausch from Bahia added 10 points (4-6 in doubles and 2-2 in free), 2 rebounds, one assists and one steal, while Pérez Douthat from Chaco contributed 9 points (3-5 in doubles, 0-5 in triples and 3-3 in free practice), 6 recoveries and a goal pass and two recoveries.

On the other hand, the San Jorge native Santiago Calderón could not make his debut, absent due to a sprain to his right ankle, which will keep him off the field for a month. In Somisa, the task of Ezequiel Dentis stood out again, his scorer with 20 points (9-12 in doubles and 2-5 in free practice). In addition, the Rosario pivot contributed 7 rebounds, 3 caps and 2 assists. In turn, Leo Lete totaled 12 points (4-5 in triples).

On the Defensores side, again in a very good version (and playing increasingly away from the paint), Agustín Porta led the scoring with 19 (9-14 in shots from the court), adding to that mark 7 rebounds, 5 steals and 4 assists.

After three even quarters (in which Arámburu appealed to the rotation and gave minutes to most of his players), Somisa broke the game at the start of the final period, in which he completed a 14-0 run (with 4 -4 in triples).

Defensores took four minutes to convert and, although he later recovered the goal, due to that unfavorable passage, he said goodbye to the chance to hit the ball. Even so, the team led by Martín Blanco proved to be a serious and competitive rival that is in a position to fight in the remainder of the championship.

After this victory for Somisa – and the one that preceded him from La Emilia against Don Bosco – the day will be completed tomorrow with the classic between Belgrano and Regatas.

Somisa 88
Defenders 71

Referees: E. Valente-M. Petroni
Partial: 21-15, 16-17, 19-16, 32-23

Somisa (88): Silvero 4, Valentini 10, Lete 12, Pascual 7, Dentis 20 (fi), Rausch 10, Cruz 0, Pérez Douthat 9, M. Rodríguez 2, Brovarone 6, Vitangeli 4, Di Renzo 2. DT: Nicolás Arámburu.
Defenders (71): Natalini 7, Castonjáuregui 8, Scianca 16, A. Porta 19 (x), Saavedra 6 (fi), Trachiti 0, Pasciullo 0, Dignani 9, F. Porta 4, Mozzi 2. DT: Martín Blanco.



Belgrano “A” 13 7 6 1
Somisa “A” 13 7 6 1
Defenders eleven 7 4 3
Regattas “A” 9 6 3 3
The Emilia 9 7 2 5
Don Bosco * 7 8 0 8
* match lost by not showing up to play with Regattas.

Slopes: Somisa “A” -La Emilia, Defensores-Regattas “A”, Belgrano “A” -Regatas “A”.


Regattas “B” 18 9 9 0
Takes sparks fifteen 9 6 3
Somisa “B” fifteen 10 5 5
Banks 14 9 5 4
Miter 14 9 5 4
Belgrano “B” 13 9 4 5
The Andes 13 10 3 7
Social 9 9 0 9

Slopes: Belgrano “B” -Social, Miter-Riberas and Sacachispas-Regatas “B”.