As a visitor, Arámburu’s team won 76-68 and, with one match still ahead, secured first place in A1. Red will finish second, while between Regatas and Defensores they will define the other two positions thinking about the Final Four for the title. Dentis added 23 points and Pérez Douthat 19 for the somiseros.

Somisa celebrated in the “Fortunato Bonelli” obtaining the “1”.


Somisa beat Belgrano in the “Fortunato Bonelli” and, with one match still to be played, secured first place on A1 in the “Daniel ´Nene´ Spurio” tournament of the Primera local. By the tenth date, Nicolás Arámburu’s team won 76-68 over Rojo, which closed its participation in the regular phase.

Already Belgrano, by goal difference in the confrontations between them, will be second no matter how Regatas comes out in the two commitments that he has ahead (Don Bosco’s was finally rescheduled for this Saturday and was not considered won). Winning one of them (the other is with Defensores), the Náutico will place third and, in turn, will leave Defensores in fourth place, also classified among the first four (they prevail in an eventual tiebreaker with La Emilia).

It is worth noting that the top four will play for the title in a Final Four. On the other hand, Don Bosco has already descended to A2, while La Emilia will have to play a promotion / permanence playoff with the second, third and fourth of A2. In this group, with three pending and two full days still to be disputed, Regatas “B” is one step away from ascending. And among the other competitors (all, except for Social, who did not win so far this season), that is, Sacachispas, Belgrano “B”, Somisa “B”, Riberas, Miter de San Pedro and Los Andes, must define the three remaining places for the consolation round (in the first instance of the quadrangular, they will cross 5 ° of A1 vs. 4 ° of A2 and 2 ° of A2 vs. 3 ° of A2).

As for yesterday’s clash, Somisa started better and based on what was done at that beginning, she dominated the scorecard from start to finish. With the successes in the long shots of Pérez Douthat and the weight in the paint of Dentis, the visit averaging the first quarter took a fifteen advantage (19-4). Belgrano was revitalized with some changes, improved his image and discounted (15-24).

At the start of the second period, Somisa moved away again with a good income from Pascual (he closed with 11 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists). But Belgrano responded with his best moment of the night, both in defense and attack and finished getting into the fight, with a distributed goal, and good contributions from the perimeter, Cionco and Delón, and Núñez and Easterling in the game. inside. Thus he was able to narrow the gap between the two and reach the long break down by four (37-41). At the beginning of the third chapter, with a triple by Vercelli he was three (that was the first scored by his team, who led 0-10 there and finished with 3-22).

However, Somisa stopped him with a 12-0 run, with the first units of Rausch and Valentini and the aim of Pérez Douthat in the distance shots. And with a new appearance of Pascual, then the somiseros would obtain a difference of twenty-one against a rival out of himself (maximum, 67-46). In the final act, when Belgrano threatened to return to the fight, Somisa stopped him with a triple (he shot 11-27). Only in the final minute did he reduce Ariel Amarillo’s team to one digit. Although Cionco’s triples were late and Somisa ended up celebrating a triumph that was worth double.

In the winner Ezequiel Dentis was the top scorer with 23 points (17 in the first quarter), a mark to which he added 11 rebounds, while Martín Pérez Douthat rounded off a good performance with 18 goals (4-7 in doubles and 4 -8 in triples). On the other hand, in Belgrano their reinforcements for the Regional, Lucas Núñez and Juan Delón made their debut in the ABSN area. The Mar del Plata intern contributed 13 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and a cover, while the Chaco forward added 9 units (3-3 in doubles and 2-4 in free games). In the homeowner Franco Cionco topped the scoring with 18 (6-10 from the court and 4-4 from free kicks).

Belgrano 68
Somisa 76

Referees: E. Valente-I. Aramburu
Partial: 15-24, 22-17, 12-26, 19-9

Belgrano (68): Vercelli 9, Prediger 5, Alimena 0, Easterling 7, Barile 0 (fi), Calcaterra 4, Cionco 18, Núñez 13, Delon 9, Maffei 3. DT: Ariel Amarillo.
Somisa (76): M. Rodríguez 2, Valentini 6, Pérez Douthat 18, Rausch 7, Dentis 23 (fi), Pascual 11, Lete 0, Silvero 3, Cruz 6. DT: Nicolás Arámburu.