With one game still to play in the regular phase, Regatas “B” crowned a great campaign and managed to ascend to A1 in the local First Division. Last night, within the framework of the fourteenth round of the A2, the representative of the team beat Riberas in Villa Constitución by 67 to 63 and secured the first place.

Consequently, he left Sacachispas without chances, who will now have to play for the second promotion in the playoffs along with the third and fourth of this group, plus La Emilia, fifth from A1. Thinking about this fight, in addition, yesterday Miter de San Pedro achieved a great victory by beating Somisa “B” in the “Founding Members” by 71 to 60, who said goodbye to the contest. Instead, the sampedrinos continue in the fight.

Today at 9:30 p.m. Sacachispas-Belgrano “B” will collide, while tomorrow they will measure Social-Los Andes forces, in a clash in which there will be nothing at stake, since neither of them have a chance to advance to the round. Then the three slopes will remain to be played: Belgrano “B” -Social, Miter-Riberas, Sacachispas-Regatas “B”.

It is worth remembering that in A1 the Final Four is now coming for the title (which could be played on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week). Somisa finished first, Belgrano second, Regatas third and Defensores fourth. In other words, Somisa-Defensores and Belgrano-Regatas will clash in the semifinals. Don Bosco, the sixth, descended.

Banks 63
Regattas “B” 67

Referees: A. Barbich-D. Ghilarducci
Partial: 27-15, 6-16, 11-15, 19-21

Banks (63): Garceche 3, Crocco 18, JM. City 20, D´Amico 8, Godoy 1 (fi), Biscaro 0, Valenti 10, Vesperini 0, Pellegrini 3. DT: Marcelo Arcovito.
Regattas “B” (67): J. Rodríguez 24, Ríos 15, Crigna 12, G. Ingrata 3, L. Martínez 2 (fi), Acuaticci 2, D. Capurro 4, Blúa 5. DT: Gastón Petrella.



Regattas “B” 25 13 12 1
Takes sparks twenty-one 12 9 3
Banks twenty 13 7 6
Miter twenty 13 7 6
Somisa “B” twenty 14 6 8
Belgrano “B” 18 12 6 6
The Andes 17 13 4 9
Social 12 12 0 12

Slopes: Belgrano “B” -Social, Miter-Riberas, Sacachispas-Regatas “B”.