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The game started evenly and with little goal, Trouville shooting a lot of triple and getting very little; while Urunday loaded more with the Jackson Brothers and found some bombs in Efianayi to take the first advantage. But the red sharpened his aim and passed by with two Chukwuka bombs, and held the command until he finished first with a 26-22 win.

Trouville was completely dried up for the second boy, the tenant improved a lot with the income of Corbisiero, Delgado and Dotti, with a partial of 10-2, to go 34-33. The red ring was completely closed, a product of the studious defense that lowered the good percentages he had in triples in the first boy, and with a partial 20-10 in the fourth, Da Prá’s team went to rest with the advantage of 42-36.

Urunday continued charging with his foreigners and quickly opened the maximum of ten 46-36, and although red always managed to shorten with Chukwuka, Trouville was again clouded in attack and green adjusted the defense and continued damaging with Efianayi. But Chucarro’s team still had something to say and with the help of Chukwuka and Toolson they managed to get back to the front in a game that was increasingly heated. With court runs, Red went to the last break winning 62-60.

Trouville hit a giant pothole at the worst moment of the night, racking up missed 3s non-stop and didn’t even manage to grab second-down rebounds, so the night turned completely uphill. Finally there were seven minutes of the decisive quarter that it took Red to score, and the scholar put him a partial of 14-0, led by his three foreigners and Facundo Medina, who after a quiet night appeared to lower the blind to the game. Trouville could never recover from that last bump and in an extremely hot match, Urunday ended up winning it 84-71, again with his foreigners commanding the production he obtained a valuable victory, his second in the championship.

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Loading with the Tankes