Live, Basketball Girona – Unicaja

00:00 Clear victory for Unicaja (59-73), with Tyson Carter (19 points) as the top scorer.

01:05 Kravish’s Attack Bounce Dunk (57-68).

01:50 Triple by Osetkowski that practically sentences (54-66).

02:53 Kravish Triple (54-63).

03:53 Pick and roll between Kalinoski and Kravish (52-60).

05:50 He misses two free throws by Ejim (52-58). Bad moments of Unicaja.

08:01 Carter’s counterattack dunk (46-57).

08:28 Lima rebounds and puts in the next attack. Omnipresent. Carter triple (46-55).

Last room

00:00 End of the third quarter with cashier advantage (46-50).

00:40 Carter scores after an attack rebound (44-50).

01:53 Another swamp for Unicaja. Kravish, unhinged with arbitration, puts in after an attack rebound (44-48).

03:23 Djedovic, in the low post (41-46).

04:23 Forgives several attacks to break the Unicaja and Garino cuts (41-44).

06:07 Triple by Kalinoski, robbery by Alberto Díaz and triple by Osetkowski (38-44). Aito’s time out.

06:54 Taylor draws (38-38). Three fouls by Lima, who places three blocks in a few minutes.

07:17 Two plus one from Alberto Díaz (34-38).

08:17 Triple by Brizuela (32-35).

08:44 Bad start for Unicaja (32-31).

10:00 The second half begins with Alberto Díaz back.

Third quarter

00:00 The first half ends (28-31). Carter’s eight points. Very bad percentages in both teams (33% in the premises and 43% in the visitors).

01:29 Unicaja is misaligned and Girona cuts (28-31).

02:20 Three plus one from Taylor for lack of an ill-advised Kalinoski (25-29).

02:39 Carter’s triple (21-29).

03:21 Great minutes from Lima. Rebound and basket (21-26).

04:29 Basket by Carter (19-24).

05:09 Thomas, to pass from Lima (19-22).

05:49 Basket by Augusto Lima (19-20).

06:29 Tyson Carter triple (19-18).

07:22 Marc Gasol cuts and puts (19-15).

08:05 The static problems continue for a Unicaja without ideas (17-15).

Second bedroom

00:00 Perry puts on board to lead Unicaja sending at the end of the first quarter (13-15).

01:09 Ehim equals (13-13).

01:58 Perry’s Steal and Basket (11-11).

03:03 Brizuela’s counterattack (11-9).

03:53 Triple by Quino Colom (11-7).

04:07PGame of few points, many losses in both teams. Miletic basket (8-7).

06:08 Osetkowski triple (4-7).

06:55 Osetkowski’s steal and basket (4-4).

07:30 Bad attacks from Unicaja, who still haven’t scored in the game (4-2).

08:44 Mate by Garino (2-2). A blow from Cameron to Alberto Díaz causes an abundant hemorrhage in his nose.

09:33 Djedovic free throws (0-2).

10:00 Díaz-Carter-Djedovic-Osetkowski-Lima, Unicaja’s starting five.

First quarter

Everything is ready for the start of the fourth round of the Endesa League for Unicaja. Visit to the Girona track of Marc Gasol and Aíto García Reneses.

the previous

With a negative balance (1-2) after two defeats against teams from Euroleague and a victory against a team of euro cup, it can be said that they are logical results for Unicaja. You see that Howard It also does significant damage to the Euroleague like the one that the new Baskonia player inflicted on those of Ibon Navarrosee this Friday’s Obradovic’s Partizan. And what about Madrid, who lost for the first time against Barcelona but has lives after death.

The first duel in ACB is coming against a team from the theoretical second half of the table. The Basquet Girona that he directs on the bench Aito Garcia Reneses and who presides, while he plays, Marc Gasol yet to win on his return to the ACB after more than a decade with a new club in the northernmost Catalan capital. But it is a team with debutants and youngsters that must grow as the competition goes on. Aíto is a guarantee of quality. Malaga is the only place in his career from which he was not unanimously praised, in fact Unicaja is the only club that dismissed him in the middle of the season. It was Juanma Rodriguezcurrent sports director, who bet with Berdi Perez for hiring the man from Madrid once the successful cycle of Sergio Scariolo. With them, Aíto played a Copa del Rey final, did not fail in the two ACB semifinals and was in the Top 16, but the second consecutive absence, already with a new management team, in the Cup precipitated his dismissal. At 75 years old, he has continued to teach. In Malaga he made his debut, for example, Augustus Lima with the first team. Then he was not projected as a pure five, as it is now.

In addition to the more obvious, long-standing point guards like Josep Franco and a world champion Quino Colom. The strength of the Argentine Maxim Fjellerup, the danger of the american taylorbalkan bets with Prkacin, Miletic and Bursac, andl attempt to retrieve Garinonow the arrival of oriola… There seem to be good ingredients to fight for salvation after landing in the elite.

Aíto warned in advance of Unicaja’s aggressiveness. Defense is the starting point for everything positive that can happen to Unicaja this season. Reaching the degree of motivation that there was in a full Carpena and against Real Madrid should be the challenge on any court. Fontajau It is not a comfortable track, the acoustics are noisy and the illusion of the newcomer helps to combat the bad moments. The image in the debut against Real Madrid was optimal despite the defeat, but the subsequent defeats in Tenerife and Santiago de Compostela have made it clear that the jump in category is important. The Unicaja is presented with one more week of work to assemble parts, with Brizuela recovered after a sprain and with desire, but also with obligations.

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Live, Basketball Girona – Unicaja