LeBron James ‘mocked’ Covid-19 with controversial meme; they threw it

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One of the best NBA players has unleashed the controversy in social networks, and it is that Lebron James, Los Angeles Lakers player, posted a meme that ‘mocks’ of the pandemic of Covid-19, a fact that did not appeal to many of his followers.

It’s known that King james is skeptical With respect to Covid-19 since previously had refused to be vaccinated, a fact that changed after he ‘conducted an investigation’ and he saw that it was the best for him and his family, so this controversy joins the player’s list.

What did LeBron James post on Instagram?

Lebron James uploaded to his Instagram account the famous meme of the three Spider-Man pointing, where he included a text for each one that was what did not make thousands of people laugh.

In this meme he included the words Covid, Flu (flu) and Cold (cold), accompanied by description “Help me friends”, implying that he was not able to differentiate between each of these diseases.

Some people, particularly players of the NBA What Bring Young PJ Tucker or Miles Bridges, They made fun of the meme considering that he was right, well they did not know what symptoms are of Covid-19 and how it differs from the others, but many others did not laugh.

How misinformed you are, it shows that you are ignorant “,”many families have lost loved ones to Covid-19 and you laugh “,” I hope your family never gets sick from Covid, because that way you wouldn’t be making fun of yourself “, were some of the answers to the meme of Lebron James.

Worldwide millions of people have lost their lives because of Covid-19, where the new Omicron variant now she is the one that is generating chaos. The meme from LeBron James unfortunate faith for this fact, more taking into account the Christmas season and that many families are no longer together due to the disease.


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LeBron James ‘mocked’ Covid-19 with controversial meme; they threw it