Larre vancha

Larre Borges, again, started stomping. From the generation of Demian Álvarez, he distributed the scoring barbarously. Glenn won the internal duel again at the start and La Unión’s grid started 18-6 with all the starters present on the scoreboard. It was only when 15 was down that Díaz sent the first variants. From the bench Sayago brought another intensity that changed the dynamics of the game, Bonet and Silva gave a plus to get to six defending and running the court. In addition Jones raised percentages and Riauka matched the merits in the area of ​​influence. Those of La Unión closed the first 25-19.

For the second, the red was placed on a ball with Silvarrey’s bombshell. But the second unit began to decline its performance and the return of Glenn was key in those of La Unión. Demian returned to take control of the offensive generation, Barriola hurt from a distance and in the blink of an eye Larre Borges took 16 rent against a Sayago who was completely without a goal and had no reaction to the blows of his rival. In the closing, with the push of Riauka and Bonet he went 11 down: 49-38.

The complement started with a wearisome rhythm until those from the north opened the ring with pumps from Lemos and Dogliotti; the latter defended Demian Álvarez very well. Larre was stuck and also found Acevedo and Demian bombs, but forgot to involve Glenn in the offensive. Sayago hit four triples to get to five and missed all of them, several attacking in the open field. The virtue of Diaz’s men was to strengthen defensively and keep shooting, because Lemos and Silvarrey made consecutive shots to get to a ball. El Bola took over the end from the scoring and the generation to go 65-62 down to the last.

Although there was a triple by Felipe García, Sayago came through with Lemos attacking and hitting from the outside, Riauka’s weight in the paint and Bonet’s hits attacking deep. Diaz’s men were up with six minutes to go, but from there until the end, Larre took the game to where it served him the most. They remembered Glenn who attended Zubiaurre on consecutive occasions and also the foreigner put his points. Those of Ariel and La Vía forced many shots from outside when the party asked to attack the paint where the rival inmates were loaded. In the epilogue, Demian brought the folder, put the ball under his arm and without suffering in the final minutes those of La Unión closed 90-77 up.