La Pampa will have two teams in the National Adapted Basketball League

La Pampa wheelchair basketball will participate, starting next month and for the first time, in a federated competition at the national level. Through the Asociación Civil Deportiva Pampeana (ACDP), which promotes adapted sports, the province will present two teams in the National Adapted Basketball League.

The contest, organized by the Argentine Federation of Adapted Basketball (FABA) and that will be played under the modality of 3 vs. 3, will be launched in La Matanza on the weekend of October 2 and 3 and will run for five dates (between 2021 and 2022), with the participation of teams from different parts of the country.

The two representatives from Pampas, who in their absolute debut in a national federated competition will be part of the Third category (there will also be First and Second), will be made up of basketball players from Santa Rosa, General Pico and Toay.
Carlos Gómez and Joaquín Soberón (Toay); Nahuel Giménez, Agostina Caliba, Virginia Navarro and Rubén Lucero (Santa Rosa); plus Nicolás Allier and Alex Cuello (General Pico), are the ones who will make up the two Pampean teams (mixed and with four members each), which will be technically directed by Juan Cruz Colombier and Romina Iglesias.

Another of the Association’s athletes, Valentín Gómez, from Pique, will not be in the Pampean team because he will be part of a concentration with the Major Selection of the specialty. Meanwhile, the president of the ACDP, Nicolás Pérez, will travel with the delegation to the tournament.

Mode 3 vs. 3 is played at a time of 10 minutes, with possession of 12 seconds, and one of the peculiarities is that once the game begins, the coaches cannot be in contact with their players, who must define changes of strategies and modifications during the matches.

Big leap.
“Taking two teams is a nice bet,” said Colombier yesterday, who described participation in the National League as a “great leap” for an activity that they have been developing in La Pampa for four years.

“Beyond the Evita and Para Epade Games, this will be the first time that we will compete at the national level in a federated manner, and for that reason we are all very enthusiastic,” said the coach, who confided that the decision to assemble two teams should be to the idea that all basketball players add minutes of play.

The ACDP was constituted in 2019, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic it could not officially debut in a tournament of the Argentine Federation, so this National League will be its first great experience. «We lack competition; play, add minutes, count on federative arbitrations; all things that we are going to have from now on and that will help us grow, “explained Colombier.

In any case, he appreciated the work carried out as the restrictions due to the pandemic were lifted, and assured that this time of training allowed them to strengthen as an institution and as a team.

«He gave us a lot of time to work, to train, which allowed us to develop much more individual technique and tactics in the team. We got stronger in many ways », highlighted the coach. “We were also able to join the Federación Pampeana de Básquet, through Sebastián Allier, and that helped us a lot,” he added.
Colombier and Iglesias worked with the group last year in the Students Club, supported by the teacher Jorge Alcaraz (in functional and physical training), and now they do it in the Ciudad de Santa Rosa School, where in addition to the federated basketball players they are also practicing three with formative age (Priscila Martínez, Juan Rincón and Agustín López Pérez). In General Pico, meanwhile, the practices are headed by Fiorela Corzo.