“La Guidoneta is full”

Danubio defeated Miramar in numbers 86 to 70. The cast of the strip will face Stockolmo in Play-Off. After the celebrations, Básquet Total, spoke with Matías Nicoletti.

“Miramar has many gurises on its squad, and some are cheeky, daring, good offensively. They took us all the first half, they made us more than 40 points, our idea was to stop it with the zone, it did not work out. Then, in the second half, we were able to better adjust the internal part, especially to the Ottonello “tile” that was generating a lot, and from there we were able to take the advantage to be able to run the field and there the game began ” made a brief analysis of the game and the variations that occurred in it.

Matías Nicoletti was asked about Stockolmo, the team will face Danubio; Nicoletti told us: “Now we are thinking about the next rival, which is Stockolmo, he beat us in the regular phase and he is a thorn that we have left from the championship and the truth is now we dream, we trust in the work we have in the team. We are with everything to face them ”.

Nicoletti closed the game being the figure of the strip with 23 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. Nicoletti explained the roles of the team: “The truth is that this role is given to you by the team, we are a lot of players. We have several colleagues who could be headlines and what has to do with the bank. We always play for the one who is clearer at night, it was given to me. And another day is going to touch another, it is what has brought us to where we are, trust the one who is clearer. The goals fell to me but I could touch any teammate and for that we have been working ”.

The kids had the opportunity to enter, so he told us: “I am happy for them because sometimes there are no moments or the coach does not believe that it is an agreed moment for the kids to enter. Luckily, by making a difference, they were able to enter, and it helps them to continue growing, to continue to gain confidence in what their basketball is. Hopefully they can have more minutes ”.

And finally he told us: “La Guidoneta is full. There is still room because nobody stops us ”.