Kyrie could be in the All Star

Voting is approaching for the NBA All-Star game, the All Star, and sources have confirmed to the US media New York Post that Kyrie Irving could be among the players selected for said vote. That leaves open the possibility of the Nets star making his first, only and last appearance of the season. It’s unlikely and seems insane, which makes it a normal occurrence given the way Irving’s year has gone.

The United States, apart from its many technological advances, is also known for its anti-vaccine movement, in which a part of the population participates, including Kyrie Irving. Despite the fact that in our country it is practically inconceivable, crossing the “pond” there are many theories conspiracy with respect to the subject, so it would not be crazy to think that anti-vaccine campaign for the Nets point guard to play the All Star.

NBA and Nets sources have confirmed that since Irving is still on the team’s roster, he is home but not suspended. can be voted despite not having played for a minute this season. The league is not expected to take any action to avoid that possibility, although these are almost unprecedented circumstances. It would be necessary to travel until 1992 to find a minimally similar situation. Magic Johnson was forced to retire due to HIV, but was voted for the All-Star game and had 25 points and nine assists to win the MVP.

Orders from New York City prevent him from playing at Barclays Center or the Garden until he relents, something that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon. The Nets have shelved and told him that he can come back whenever “a full participant, either by getting vaccinated or by lifting the mandates of the city. Neither seems imminent.

Irving does not seem willing to change his mind, and Eric Adams, the mayor, said the term will not be rescinded either. “The city of New York won’t change its norm. Again, it’s up to the NBA and Kyrie Irving to come to a full understanding of how to keep him in the Nets and keep looking at all of our athletes that come here. I’m a Nets fan … and I love Kyrie. I think it is a piece that we need for a championship. This is something the NBA has agreed to. If they are going to perform in the city, it is an agreement that they have made. I believe that it’s up to the NBA and Kyrie to reach an agreement on how they’re going to get over this. And I think they can come to a resolution“Adams commented.

The 71st NBA All Star will take place at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland on February 20, so it will be out of reach of the Nets or New York City. Said city does not currently have a vaccination mandate, so Irving would be free to play..

The new league process provides that fans make up 50 percent of the All Star votes, while the other half will be divided equally between the media and the players. Although Irving hasn’t played this season yet, he not only maintains a huge pre-existing fan base, but also has become a darling of the far-right and anti-vaccine movements. It is not known how many of them will vote for Kyrie as a declaration. What is certain is that they will have a chance, with him on the ballot.

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Kyrie could be in the All Star