Kontrarios defeats Chavorukos in the University Basketball League

Julio Leon

Kontrarios took revenge and this time in a tight and vibrant clash he beat Chavorukos in actions on matchday 13 of the University Veterans Basketball League, this, after this last quintet also came out with a close victory in their last confrontation.

By only three points of difference, with a score of 49-46, the quintet piloted by Raymundo Ortiz and led by Vladimir Lozano won a game where he came from behind and got a vibrant somersault in the last quarter, in the first category , in the University Gymnasium of the Center.

It was a match where the first period was booked by Chavorukos with a partial of 15-11, highlighting long-distance shots by Armando Pérez and Moisés Diógenes, and where he kept his advantage in the first half with figures of 30-25.

It was a second chapter where the experienced Moses hit his second three-point shot.

On the side of Kontrarios, Luis Méndez stood out in his offensive production, including a triple on his account.

From the second half of the game, there was a great reaction from Kontrarios, starting with a third chapter that was extremely closed and full of emotions.

A great combination in the production before the rim by Érick Ramírez and Jesús Hernández, headed the accounting of Raymundo Ortiz’s team, although they were still down on the scoreboard, now 38-42, but each time they were closer to the expected level.

And it was in the fourth period when Kontrarios consummated a vibrant comeback in a fairly even stretch but where the decision, good game and definition of this team allowed him to accumulate the necessary score.

This time Vicente Vásquez, Luis Méndez and captain Vladimir Lozano were the key in the offensive production, adding 11 points, which they combined with a fierce defense that limited the sum of Chavorukos to four, and thus Kontrarios managed an exciting triumph with score from 49-46.

Kontrarios 46-49 Chavorukos


Kontrarios fifteen fifteen 12 04 = 46

Chavorukos eleven 14 13 eleven = 49


Chavorukos: René Paz, Érick Ramírez, Vladimir Lozano, Vicente Vásquez, Rolando Grajales, Harnold Ruiz, Jesús Hernández, Omar Mariscal, Luis Méndez, Arturo Castellanos:

Kontrarios: Armando Pérez, José Leyva, Saúl Ramírez, Hebert Martínez, Guillermo Faustino, Juan Silva, Moisés Diógenes, Israel Pablo, José García.