Judge insulted inspectors who seized her partner’s car for positive spirometry | Daily Change

By Andrés Ferreira.
The case of a judge was known who did want to assert her magistrate so that they do not take away the car that her partner was driving, who when performing the spirometry test yielded a positive result. CAMBIO interviewed Henry Albarenque -Director of Urban Mobility of the Municipality of Salto- gathering information about the veracity of this fact, what happened that day and when it was.
Albarenque confirmed the fact, and detailed that it happened on August 25 at dawn, on the Night of Nostalgia. “An operation was being carried out in the central area of ​​the city, on Calle Brasil, where upon verifying that the spirometry was positive, the car was seized from the partner of the member of the Judiciary, who was driving the vehicle in violation” He said and continued “after the seizure, a lawsuit was generated with the inspectors, where there was an exchange of words, insults towards municipal officials, the police intervened as they always do, in order to support the inspectors who are doing their job ”.
After these events, the traffic inspectors who acted in the operation made a complaint about what happened, as well as the police that were supporting the operation. “After the seizure, the complaint was made, the Intendancy carried out its work, the car was taken away and then the people carried out the paperwork and paid the fine for drunk driving, and his driver’s license was suspended for six months,” he said. “The part of the complaint of the inspectors is in the Justice” he added.
In addition, Albarenque explained that “it would have to be normal, you would not have to ask for either party if a driver’s license is withdrawn due to positive spirometry, whoever the person is, if he or she drives under the influence it endangers their life, of the companions and that of third parties, it is not the first case, on other occasions the traffic inspectors have withdrawn the vehicle from public figures, politicians, soccer players, that is, all equally, there are rules that must be met to circulate while driving a vehicle, it does not matter if you have a position or not, you do not have to take any charge to avoid a penalty for failing to comply with the rules, the inspectors must do their job well ”. “The important thing to clarify that the positive spirometry was not verified to the member of the Judicial Power, but to her partner, the inspectors had to request police support to finish their work, there were behaviors that do not go with a person who has a fault and has to face it ”he affirmed.
Albarenque consulted in case on any occasion it is found that a traffic inspector did not sanction a person who did not comply with traffic regulations, either for being known or for being a public figure, he said “it is one of the most serious sanctions that It would apply to a traffic inspector and more with this administration where the issue of alcohol and drugs has no reverse gear, the inspectors know very well that they have to act and comply with the work, in the first complaint that we have of a case of this Guy is going to carry out an investigation with all the colleagues that the inspector was in that operation, as well as with the Police who were supportive to see what happened. The entire law will fall on the part of the administration to the inspector who commits an offense as serious as that ”, he concluded.