Jones toy dead

The Albiceleste opened the game better with great effectiveness from 6.75, Aguiar and Álvarez put an 8-2, in defense, the intense man brand emerged. Sayago went wrong, Lemos assumed too much in attack and Riauka gravitated little in the low post. Cordón did not miss the possibility of stretching differences, Tito Boresllino became enormous in the offensive rebound and Diego Álvarez intractable triple (four in the boy) thus they managed the game at his mercy. Sayago was unknown, he did not flow in attack, Bola Silvarrey could not make the team play and Jones did not weigh much, in defense the area was a luxury spectator before the high effectiveness of his rival, who went up after the first ten 22-6.

Sayago came out to the man, practically that to the touch, but those of the Galicia street with Álvarez and Marotta dominated all the situations of the match and got a maximum of 21, 29-8. Those of Ariel and the road were unrecognizable, far from the level shown in the regular phase, so much so that in 15 minutes there were 10 units. Little by little the defensive pressure had an effect, mainly from the emotional, because the ball in attack did not want to enter until a bomb from Souza, brought a change of air, the kid like the last game said present added to the push of Riauka they began to discount. Cordón was not so comfortable, he found a goal from the line and little else. Sayago discounted and went down twelve, 36-24.

The return of the long rest was opened with a 5-0 (Souza and Riauka) of Ariel’s men and the route that decidedly got into the game. Aguiar with a triple calmed the waters but the ball no longer passed through the hands of Marotta and Álvarez and the collective game diminished, it depended exclusively on the individuality of Pica. Quite the opposite happened with Sayago, he was seen, effective, intense, he went out to play his match, triples by Jones and Silvarrey, conversions by Dogliotti and the Lithuanian’s kilos in the paint, but fundamentally the delivery in defense, a lot of leg and pressure , they made them take the reins of the marker and serve five, 57-52. The albiceleste narrowed on the closing with a triple by Marotta and conversions by Barrera, 61-60.

The final ten minutes brought absolute parity, Jones and Dogliotti on the side of Sayago while Barrera charged Cordón’s offensive, they could not stop Bernardo in one by one so theirs took four 71-67. Those of Ariel and the road did not row in vain, they gave everything back, adjusted and in attack Dogliotti key and a new triple by Souza gave them the advantage on the scoreboard again. Those led by Losada did not close well, many consecutive losses, Aguiar asked for the ball and found points, but both he and Barrera were very alone and Sayago took advantage of it with Riauka who added dropper from the line and Silvarrey with a tray after an exuberant assist from Lithuanian.

With less than a minute to play 77-73 ahead of Ariel and the road. Cordón had to equalize, Álvarez went to the line and put both, in defense he stole the ball with Borsellino and in transition Marotta missed a clear tray. In Aguiar’s unsportsmanlike reload (the second of its kind and he left the game) on Silvarrey who did not forgive from the line (79-75), even Barrera tried to reduce with a fast double, but Bola sentenced the meeting with simple, the Final score was 82-77 for Sayago. So those of Ariel and the road are still alive, they reacted at the right time and will seek to fight in the third game, Cordón will play with the pressure of knowing that there is no tomorrow.