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JJ Redick announced his permanent retirement from basketball on his podcast “The Old Man and the Three“, which he leads alongside Tommy Alter. Redick, whose last experience was with Dallas mavericks, had physical problems that limited their participation. You decide to end your career with 37 years fulfilled last June and after 15 seasons at the highest level in the NBA.

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Today is a very special episode and the title is simple: retirementThus begins Redick episode number 77 of his acclaimed podcast, which in a short time has become a true reference in the world of basketball. The quality of the guests is only matched by the fluid, entertaining and knowledge-laden conversations and stories..

I never thought I would play so much. After years of Youth League, AAU in high school, four years at Duke and another 15 in the NBA, I am retiring from the sport I love so much.“Redick said in the first few minutes.”Going into last season, I wanted it to be my last, although for different reasons I couldn’t play the way I wanted. I was scared and wanted to take it easy. That is why, to the teams that have called me in the Free Agency I told them that I was not prepared to commit“.

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Redick explains that, now yes, he is ready to take the step and be “full time father“, among other responsibilities. The retreat episode lasts 19 minutes and is full of emotions and beautiful words. Redick is as good a speaker as he is a shooting specialist he has been throughout his career., And that’s saying a lot.

The veteran guard leaves behind a career that began with doubts in the Orlando Magic after being one of the best scorers ever seen in the NCAA. With Duke averaged 19.9 points and 40.6% in triples over four seasons, reaching the ceiling in the last with 26.8 goals on average and 42.1% in trips shooting 9.2 per game. His record in the university league is a real scandal.

In the NBA, he began with doubts and physical problems, in addition to the questions of the transfer of his impact due to his lack of athleticism and defensive deficiencies. Redick averaged just 14.4 minutes in his first three seasons with the Magic., in which only in five games he started. However, in his fourth season he remained healthy, played all 82 games and reached 22 minutes per game. For 2010-2011, at the age of 26, he was the specialist from the bank: 10.1 point with 39.7% in triples in 25.6 minutes.

There came his best years in Orlando; Handover to Milwaukee in mid-2012-2013, where he would only play 28 games; the cool four-course stage at LA Clippers with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin; And two brilliant years at Philadelphia 76ers, possibly the best of his career. After that, passing through New Orleans Pelicans He ended his streak of playing the Playoffs in all the seasons of his career, but he was able to show a remarkable performance in 2019-2020. While, in 2020-2021 he had physical problems and was traded to Dallas Mavericks, where he only played 13 regular season games and did not participate in the Playoffs as he was not fully recovered.

During its best years, from the 2010-2011 Orlando blast to Pelicans’ first season, 2019-2020, Redick averaged 15 points, 2.3 assists and 2 rebounds in 28.8 minutes with a fantastic 42% from 3s (5.8 attempts). He will remain in the memory as a specialist behind screens, for his clutch shots and that personality so beloved in all the changing rooms in which he was. As if that were not enough, he closes his career in the NBA as the 15th with the most triples scored in history (1,950) and the 17th in percentage of success (41.5%).

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