Jaka Lakovic: “Basquet Girona has gone further” – Club Baloncesto Gran Canaria

The Claretian coach analyzed the state of the team after the FIBA ​​break, and spoke about the dangers of the rival this Saturday.

“As for the medical part, all the players are fine. Oliver hasn’t arrived yet, and neither has Jovan Kljajic. Let’s go as we finished the last game before the break ».

“How did we get there? If we arrive the same, worse or better, it is difficult to say. We were without seven players these days and we held the first joint training session yesterday. I see the players well, motivated and confident. They all had good games with their teams, and victories. They are in a good mental moment, but now they have to change the chip. You have to play the Endesa League and a game against Girona, which is the most important game.

«After a somewhat slow start, Girona has gone further. Surely they have taken advantage of this break to work hard and improve. We expect a very aggressive Girona, trying to play fast, with great enthusiasm, especially at home, where they play very well. We expect a Girona with all its players, including Oriola, which will give them more turnover and more quality, experience.”

«It is not necessary to talk much about Aíto. We all know him, he is a master. He is a coach that most coaches admire, we try to get things out of his work, from his philosophy. His work with young people will make the Girona players take a step forward. His teams always perform, both in Spain and in Germany, where he won everything ».

«Marc Gasol is his best scorer. He not only scores, he passes very well, he can open the field because he is a good three-point shooter… he is a very big threat for all the teams and he is showing it on the track. It will be one of the keys of the game to play a good defense against Marc Gasol, and in the concepts in which he is involved ».

“It will be a very tough battle. They will try to take advantages where they think they have them, and we the other way around. Take advantage of our speed, our athleticism, what we think can be our advantage.

«I see Vítor very well. It is true that he started the season late, that he was touched by his team… It was difficult for him to get up to speed, especially due to his physical condition. But I think he tries very hard defensively and he shows it, he does. He needs to get to a fresh attack and I think that with weeks, over time, he has been gaining this physical condition. He has now had two quite good matches with the national team, he has passed the physical discomfort he had. We hope that he will be well again ».

«AJ has stayed and has recovered well physically and mentally. Since the summer he has not stopped, game after game, and important ones too. It is a physical but also a mental load, a significant stress to have a game every two days. This break has been good for him to breathe, to stop thinking about games.

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Jaka Lakovic: “Basquet Girona has gone further” – Club Baloncesto Gran Canaria