J8 – EBA AB: Basket León defeats Obradoiro and there are no undefeated

If a week ago we said that things seemed to be defined, with only one team remaining at the head of the classification of the group AB from EBA League, in this, after the matchday 8With Obradoiro’s defeat against Basket León, everything tightens again, with four teams tied for the lead, since Reino de León, Tormes and Porriño did not miss their chance. In addition, in the middle zone Marín and Chantada also recover sensations, like a Betanzos that added an important victory. Finally, in the lower zone, we must highlight a new triumph for Gijón, which seems to be slowly rearing its head to leave behind the horrible start to the season.

Change of leader after this day, when falling (91-75) Obradoiro Silleda on your visit to ULE Basket Leon. It was not the day for the Galicians, who suffered a lot against a very inspired opponent from the perimeter in the first half. The Leonese came out in an overwhelming plan, especially in the second quarter, and with a scoring rhythm that triggered the difference beyond twenty points. Mastering the rebound well and with the duo formed by Morchón and Llamas very inspired, they painted things more than well for the locals, but a scoring pothole after returning from the changing rooms, allowed Obradoiro to cut differences from the hand of a great Huguet, placing himself at less than ten points at the beginning of the fourth quarter. A new game was opening there, with everything open when it seemed that Basket León had it done. But the locals did not succumb to nerves, who knew how to react perfectly to cut the Galician comeback, again stretching the difference a bit for themselves, definitively, to sentence and stay with the victory.

The new leader, therefore, thanks to the average, is Leclerc León Caja Rural RdL, which overcame (63-76) on your visit to University of Valladolid, and continues like this with its good streak. At the beginning, the Leonese showed why they are the best defense of the group, leaving the Valladolid in only eight points in the first quarter, which allowed them to open a comfortable income quickly. But the university reaction was going to arrive before the break, with Alberto García and Manuel García taking command to get closer and get back into the game. But it was a simple mirage, since after the intermission, Reino de León pressed again and took command of the game, with Sergio Martínez, Jaime Llamas and Miguel Domínguez dividing the points to open a gap again and head to a quiet end in which simply manage the income that they had already amassed, certifying a new triumph in their private account.

Co-leader, after his seventh win in a row, gets USAL La Antigua, who did not forgive and clearly won (85-62) yet Claret Innoporc who still does not know what the triumph is so far. Everything was resolved on the fast track in the first half, in which the charros clearly dominated, with a solid defense that only allowed 18 points to their rival, taking about thirty of advantage from the hand of the Ukawuba, Harrison or Yáñez . After the break, a more even game was experienced, with Tormes focused on managing his income, and Claret looking to improve his image and cut the distance somewhat, something that he would achieve thanks to the success of Young and Mínguez, but without ever seeing himself with options to get into a game and fight for a victory that was going to stay in Salamanca.

Complete the list of leaders Porriño Base Basketball, who recovered from his first defeat a week ago, winning in this (75-71) to CB The Arrow. The Galicians suffered more than expected, since a good first half, guided by the inspiration of Lucas Vaquero, seemed to put the victory on track comfortably. But La Flecha was not going to give up so easily, and after the break he evened the game, pressing in the final stretch to get closer on the scoreboard, with Castaño and Paniagua as the main protagonists to put fear in Porriño’s body, who finally knew suffer and maintain a minimum income that left victory at home.

In the middle zone, Ucoga Seguros CB Chantada-Ensino looks up again, moving within two playoff zone wins after beating (61-50) to Unicaja Banco Oviedo, which continues to count its games due to losses. Lugo returned to show a good defensive level, and that allowed them to quickly escape on the scoreboard, in the first half that they clearly dominated. Iglesias was accurate from the three-point line, and Rubén Rey and Aller supported him to live a quiet encounter against a rival who could not find arguments to get into the fight for victory. Only in the third quarter did the subsidiary show signs of some improvement, with Montes and Alejandro Rodríguez trying to pull their own, but not being able to cut back enough to disturb a Chantada who was pulling by trade to avoid scares and thus be able to add a victory more.

Another that recovers sensations and is placed with balanced balance is Marin Peixegalego, who won46-75) on your visit to Solgaleo Bosco Salesians in a match where the newcomer Stefanuto was the main protagonist. And it is that in his second game with his new team, Stefanuto became master and lord of the game, with Hogan, Aramburu and Filgueira as allies, clearly surpassing the Ourense, who were never comfortable in attack, seeing how his rival quickly put land in between. Kouadio and Preotu tried to get the locals into a game, but it was not their team’s day, clearly surpassed by Marín, who thus achieved a resounding victory.

Another that has added an important victory against a direct rival is Santo Domingo Betanzos, who suffered until the end, but took the victory forward (83-82) in view of Hereda-Ávila Authentic-El Bulevar, leaving the people of Avila touched, who continue to extend their negative streak. After an even start, Betanzos was going to stretch the score in the second quarter, fully successful with Minaya as the main scorer to get away with clarity and put his victory back on track; more if possible after a third quarter in which everything remained stable. But Óbila had not yet said his last word, and pressing on defense, they began to cut differences, with Herrera, Izquierdo and Ndiaye hurting a rival who saw his income vanish, making the victory that seemed assured, began to be in danger , in a final of maximum tension in which two free throws missed by Daniel Martín gave the people of Avila an option in a last attack in which they played it from the triple, but without luck to be able to score, thus confirming the victory of Betanzos.

We end the summary of the day with a new joy for Corinto Gijón Basket, which added its second consecutive victory (69-78) versus Traumacor Culleredo, thus approaching a direct rival and beginning to look towards the middle zone of the classification. The victory was forged in a great second quarter by Gijón, which, pushed by the points of Fernando Fernández Noval, Carlos Suárez and Mateo Sánchez, opened a gap in front of a Culleredo stuck in his attacks. But the Galicians did not want to give up without more, and improving their percentages after the break they managed to get closer, with Pau González and Fernando Vidal taking center stage and putting the Asturians in a position in which they have seen each other several times this season, with finals in the that they collapsed and the matches escaped them. Something that this time did not happen, because the visitor’s reaction in the last quarter cut the local comeback, causing the victory to finally fly to Asturian lands.

A gamer’s homecoming

After three seasons playing between Gold and Silver, Daniel Fernandez Stefanuto He returned a week ago to the place where he began his senior career, this northwest group of the EBA League in which he started in the ranks of the Ourense Basketball subsidiary and in which he only needed two games to show his quality and establish himself as MVP of the day, now enrolled in the ranks of Marín. And he did it on his return home, not only because of the category, but because this week he was playing in what was his city, Ourense, against Bosco Salesianos, and he had no mercy, since he achieved 26 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 stolen balls, 2 blocks and 9 fouls received, thus going to the 33 rating, also highlighted as the top scorer and top rebounder of the day in one more of the many inspirational afternoons that he will surely have to show this season.

Highest rating

33 credits

Daniel Fernández Stefanuto (Marín)

32 credits

Dauda Ndiaye (Óbila)

28 credits

Lucas Vaquero (Porriño)

Top scorers

26 points

Daniel Fernández Stefanuto (Marín)

Fernando Vidal (Culleredo)

25 points

Sergi Huguet (Obradoiro)

Top rebounders

15 rebounds

Daniel Fernández Stefanuto (Marín)

12 rebounds

Dauda Ndiaye (Óbila)

Christian Añón (Culleredo)

Top attendees

8 assists

Joseba Aramburu (Marín)

7 assists

Ezequiel Herrera (Óbila)

6 assists

Óscar González (Basket León)


Cristian Iglesias (Chantada) – 21pt, 11rb

Daniel Fernández Stefanuto (Marín) – 26pt, 15rb

Álvaro Filgueira (Marín) – 10pt, 10rb

Ezequiel Herrera (Óbila) – 16pt, 10rb

Dauda Ndiaye (Óbila) – 22pt, 12rb

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J8 – EBA AB: Basket León defeats Obradoiro and there are no undefeated