J6 – EBA AB: Obradoiro and Porriño remain as leaders without fail

One more week, few changes both at the top and at the bottom of the Group AB from EBA League. The matchday 6 It has allowed Obradoiro and Porriño to continue with their positive streaks, who in the next day will play the leadership in the private duel between them; But the negative streaks are also maintained below and Claret, Gijón Basket and the Oviedo Basketball subsidiary still have not released their record of victories, being surpassed this week by Culleredo, Betanzos and La Flecha, an area in which they are also moves a Basket León that gave an entire offensive display in their duel, to place themselves in the wake of Reino de León and Tormes, who are still on the lookout for the leaders fighting for playoff positions.

By average it continues to occupy the first position Obradoiro Silleda, and it does so after passing a new test for its solidity, winning (68-83) on his visit to the difficult track of a Ucoga Seguros CB Chantada-Ensino that begins to drop from the top of the rankings. Obradoiro repeated the script from other games and came out imposing a strong scoring rhythm, which allowed him to quickly open a gap on the scoreboard. Chantada was able to adjust his defense in the second set and cut the gap somewhat, with Rubén Rey and Jorge Aller pulling the team, but without achieving continuity after the break, as Obradoiro again found sensations in attack from Huguet’s hand, stabilizing his income to avoid the comeback, thus managing to seal an important victory to show that this season they are very serious to lead the group.

Also repeating the script of more worked crashes, but that finally manage to move forward, he continues with his firm step Porriño Base Basketball, which was undone this time (70-63) of a Hereda-Ávila Authentic-El Bulevar that is not having a good start to the league, with only two wins in six games. The clash had a first half of alternatives, with Porriño taking advantage of the Avila offensive jam at the start to take the first advantages, but finding Óbila’s reaction before the intermission to adjust the score a bit. Herrera and Izquierdo pulled the visitors, but opposite Besada and Vaquero responded perfectly, keeping the game very even throughout the second half, where Porriño had to pull ex officio to perfectly manage his short income, tying a victory that them keeps on top.

The pursuers did not fail either, and Leclerc León Caja Rural RdL an important triumph was scored (64-76) on the track Marin Peixegalego. The key to the clash was in the second and third quarters, since, after a very even start, it was there that the Leonese began to push harder and open a gap on the scoreboard. With the couple formed by Balasko and Sergio Martínez doing damage on the inside and with Jaime Llamas multiplying in his contribution, Marín did not finish hitting the key to stop the escape of a Kingdom of León that tied them in defense. Aramburu and Jacobo De Benito were proud to try to get back into the game, but they found the response of a Miguel Domínguez who from the triple aborted the Galician comeback attempts, reaching the end with the visiting victory.

Another who continues with his clear upward line is USAL La Antigua, who had no mercy on his visit to University of Valladolid, achieving a resounding triumph (55-86). At all times the Salamancans had control of the clash, who amassed their income progressively and constantly, against a local team that could not find a way to stop their rival, without finding the necessary fluidity in attack to get into the game. , only with Heras in scoring double digits. On the contrary, Yengue, De la Calle and Ukawuba did show that success that was lacking in the premises, which together with the dominance of the rebound, allowed Tormes to have a comfortable game in which he never feared because victory escaped him .

He returned to the path of triumph74-53) CB The Arrow, and it did so at the expense of the subsidiary of Unicaja Banco Oviedo, which continues in its particular bad streak, anchored in the bottom position. From the defense, the locals knew how to take the shock to their land, with a great first half in which they left their rival by only 21 points, thus managing to raise the income above ten points. Despite everything, the Asturians improved after the intermission, led by Fernando Suárez to get slightly closer, but without being able to complete the comeback, since La Flecha did not want surprises, and in the last ten minutes he was going to press again to sentence definitively , with Parras, Castaño and Millán López leading a victory in which the entire team remained at a good level.

Another who wants to look up is ULE Basket Leon, which took a resounding triumph (119-86) before a Solgaleo Bosco Salesians that he could do little to stop the offensive gale from Leon. And it is that from the beginning the local scoring rhythm was very high, with Morchón starting to stand out and Bultó punishing from the perimeter. In front Ourense tried to keep up, leaning on Sima, but could not adjust his defense and the bleeding of points received made him see his rival further and further. Basket León never took his foot off the gas, with Rodrigo Llamas also standing out with a very complete performance, thus rounding off the victory that helps the Leonese to build up their morale after a somewhat hesitant start to the league.

In the middle part and with a balanced balance of victories and defeats, there is Traumacor Culleredo, who managed to beat (87-67) yet Claret Innoporc to which the first triumph continues to resist. The Segovians did not do a bad first half, who, supported by Young and Monedero’s points, kept things very even, but as has happened regularly, in the second half they collapsed, getting stuck in attack to see how their rival began to distance themselves. With Christian Añón at a very good level in his game and Lucas Álvarez and Vidal leading the scoring, Culleredo put land in between to escape and have a placid finish in which his victory was not in danger.

We close the review with victory (72-59) from Santo Domingo Betanzos, which is installed in the middle zone at the cost of a Corinto Gijón Basket that continues with its particular crisis, without being able to premiere this season. The Asturians seemed well on track this time, as during the first half they dominated, with Fernando Fernández Noval leading his own once again. But after the break, the scene changed, taking control of the game Betanzos, which in the third quarter was going to put the equalizer, overwhelming his rival in the last ten minutes, thus showing that Gijón’s mood is probably not the best anymore. that after the elimination of Fernández Noval for fouls, he could not find alternatives to stay in the game. The good work of Pereiro and Daniel Martín served to score a victory that could be very important in the future, leaving the Asturians with honey for another week.

Points festival to recover sensations

Like every season, Basket León began the course with maximum ambition to fight for everything this season, but two defeats in these first days left some doubts about the true potential of the Leonese. Well, a week ago they returned to the path of triumph on the Gijón Basket court, and this week they did not fail at home against Bosco Salesianos, and they also did it with a whole exhibition of offensive basketball, scoring nothing more and nothing less than 119 points, and with a Alan Morchon that little by little is intoned and already shows why Basket León sought his return to the team. On this day he went up to 28 points (10/15 in shots of two), 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 stolen balls and 6 fouls received, thus reaching the 32 rating that make you stand out as MVP of the day in the group this week ..

Highest rating

32 credits

Alan Morchón (Basket Leon)

30 credits

Rodrigo Llamas (Basket Leon)

27 credits

Christian Añón (Culleredo)

Sergi Huguet (Obradoiro)

Demian Balasko (Kingdom of León)

Top scorers

28 points

Alan Morchón (Basket Leon)

25 points

Ousman Sima (Bosco Ourense)

24 points

Diego Bultó (Basket León)

Top rebounders

13 rebounds

Marcos Rozas (Betanzos)

Alex Young (Claret)

12 rebounds

Christian Añón (Culleredo)

Demian Balasko (Kingdom of León)

Top attendees

6 assists

Christian Añón (Culleredo)

Andrés Corral (Chantada)

5 assists

Jorge Abelleira (Betanzos)

Hugo Rey (Chantada)

Martín Pereira (Bosco Ourense)


Demian Balasko (Kingdom of León) – 18pt, 12rb

Héctor Parras (The Arrow) – 12pt, 10rb

Christian Añón (Culleredo) – 14pt, 12rb

Alex Young (Claret) – 18pt, 13rb

Joackim Yengue (Tormes) – 18pt, 11rb

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J6 – EBA AB: Obradoiro and Porriño remain as leaders without fail