J2 – EBA AB: Coup of authority of the Kingdom of León in Chantada

The matchday 2 of the group AB from EBA League It has brought us the first surprises of the season, with the resounding victory of Reino de León at the home of a Chantada. The Leonese thus present their candidacy for everything, and together with Obradoiro, Marín and Porriño, they are the only teams with full victories. For their part, teams such as Tormes, Óbila (who have not played the first match yet), Betanzos and La Flecha released their triumph box, remaining right now as bottom runners, even without having won, University of Valladolid, Oviedo, Gijón, Claret and Bosco Salesianos Ourense.

Thanks to the basketball average, continue as leader Obradoiro Silleda, which has started the season in an overwhelming way and clearly won again (107-75) in view of Solgaleo Bosco Salesians. From the beginning the local team made a difference, with a remarkable success in attack, opening the income beyond ten points before the end of the first quarter. The ourensanos suffered in defense, but they tried to compensate with their good numbers in attack, thanks to the contribution of Pereira and Sima, who managed to control Obradoiro’s escape and maintain some options even at halftime. But the problems to adjust their defense persisted in the visitors, and that was not going to be forgiven by Obradoiro, who continued with a very high scoring rhythm and sentenced in the second half, with up to six players in scoring double digits and Souto as the most outstanding man in a wide victory that leaves them in first place.

Another that has started in an excellent way is Leclerc León Caja Rural RdL, which on this day gave a coup of authority winning with great solvency (54-83) in the always complicated court Ucoga Seguros CB Chantada-Ensino. From the beginning it was the Leonese team that took the initiative on the scoreboard, led by Sergio Martínez who dominated the paint and was very well supported by Jaime Llamas. Chantada did not find his usual defensive level, seeing how Reino de León punished in the offensive rebound, but with Rubén Rey he tried to react after the break, the visitors responding perfectly to prevent the Galicians from approaching and then, already in the last period, to deal the final blow to the match, taking the difference to almost thirty final points of difference, an unexpected demonstration of authority by a team that in principle was not in the pools of maximum applicants to the upper zone, but does not want to give up anything.

He also added his second victory Marin Peixegalego, which surpassed Traumacor Culleredo (82-60). Despite the final result, the first half was for the visitors, who with short incomes, remained ahead and managed to reach the intermediate interval with an advantage, with Lucas Cigarrán and Álvaro Añón as the most outstanding men. Marín had been quite stuck in attack in those first quarters, but the rest time was good for the locals, who adjusted their game and managed to find the success that had previously eluded them, with Hogan and De Benito leading the scoring to get quickly ahead and sentence in the final stretch, clearly controlling the rebound against an opponent who could not maintain the scoring rhythm.

Complete the list of leaders Porriño Base Basketball, which clearly won (75-51) to Claret Innoporc in a match in which the visitors could not show great resistance. After a few more even first minutes, but with income almost always favorable to the Galicians, it was in the second quarter when Porriño gave the first stretch to the scoreboard, managing to increase the advantage at rest above ten points. With a good choral game, in which Besada and Cardito stood out, the locals opened the gap more and more, without Claret finding a way to get into the game, despite the attempts of Lázaro. Only in the final stretch of the match, when everything was already decided, did the game become more equal, but there was little the Segovians could do to avoid their second defeat of the season.

In the middle zone it is placed USAL La Antigua, after achieving his first victory (64-71) in the visit to ULE Basket Leon. The clash was fairly equal for much of the match, with both teams alternating in their advantages. Marinovic carried the weight of the Leonese attacks, but opposite Ukawuba responded with good numbers for Tormes, who, little by little, seemed to be imposing his game against a Basket León that lost some of its bellows in the second half, seeing himself close to his rival in the score, but without ever finishing equalizing the score, which was finally going to be consolidated on the Salamanca side.

It also managed to premiere this day CB The Arrow (83-71), at the cost of a Corinto Gijón that continues without finishing starting and already adds two defeats. The breadth of the final score may suggest that Valladolid had a placid game, but reality shows that during three quarters, equality was maximum, with Gijón fighting hand in hand with veterans Fernando Fernández Noval and Diego Sánchez. But the gasoline of the Asturians lasted until that minute thirty, since the last quarter was of clear local color, with a partial of 31-19 that sentenced the game, with a great performance by Castaño and Parras to take La Flecha to an important victory.

Another who added his first triumph was Santo Domingo Betanzos, that won (74-58) yet University of Valladolid which ranks in the caboose with two losses. With an overwhelming dominance of the rebound, the Galicians were almost always ahead on the scoreboard, never ending the crash in their favor, but gradually cementing an income that was always increasing. On the visitor side, Burgoa tried to keep the pucelanos in the game, but in front of Abelleira and Bruno Fernando they managed to ensure that theirs, despite the accumulation of turnovers, did not see the victory in jeopardy, which was finally going to stay at home.

We finish the resume with the triumph (76-61) from Hereda-Ávila Authentic-El Bulevar in front of the subsidiary of Unicaja Banco Oviedo. The people of Avila made their debut this season, since they have pending their duel on the first day, and they did it with a solvent victory against a subsidiary that stood up in the first half, with Méndez and Francisco Sánchez as the most prominent men, but after the rest ended up deflating, victim of his inferiority in the rebound and his mistake in attack. Ávila showed a solid block, with Izquierdo very inspired from the perimeter and Villalba dominating in the paint, thus achieving a comfortable income in the second half, in which they dried up his rival to have a calm end of the game with the victory already in the pocket.

Authority from the painting to shoot the illusion

Less than a year ago, Sergio Martinez he made the decision to go ‘home’ to his Kingdom of Leon. The arrival of the pivot allowed the Leonese to sign a great season finale in which they sealed their salvation several days in advance. Now, this season, the five from León continues to be the benchmark in the team’s painting, which has started the league in an unbeatable way and begins to remember those projects of Agustinos Eras, of which he was also an essential piece, that dominated this group AC and allowed the Leonese to live two seasons in LEB Plata. There is still a long way to go in which to finish confirming that potential that is now presumed by this team, which has a marked presence of players made in its quarry and led by the experienced Sergio Martínez, who this day imposed his law under the hoops of the always complicated Chantada court, with 26 points (11/16 in shots of 2), 15 rebounds (6 of them offensive), 1 assist, 1 stolen ball, 2 blocks and 6 fouls received, thus reaching 35 rating to rise as MVP of the day this week in the group.

Highest rating

35 credits

Sergio Martínez (Kingdom of León)

28 credits

Martín Pereira (Bosco Ourense)

22 credits

Robert Ukawuba (Tormes)

Marco Villalba (Óbila)

Top scorers

29 points

Antonio Izquierdo (Óbila)

26 points

Sergio Martínez (Kingdom of León)

25 points

Fernando Fernández Noval (Gijón)

Top rebounders

16 rebounds

Marco Villalba (Óbila)

15 rebounds

Sergio Martínez (Kingdom of León)

13 rebounds

Marcos Rozas (Betanzos)

Top attendees

6 assists

Sergio Arias (Gijón)

5 assists

Javier Cal (Obradoiro)

Angel Moro (Tormes)

Ousman Sima (Bosco Ourense)

Millán López (The Arrow)

Rodrigo Llamas (Basket Leon)


Sergio Martínez (Kingdom of León) – 26pt, 15rb

Marco Villalba (Óbila) – 17pt, 16rb

Jorge Abelleira (Betanzos) – 15pt, 10rb