J12 – EBA AB: Day without surprises among the favorites

This week of holiday bridge brings us up to three days in this group AB from EBA League, the first being the disputed this past weekend. A matchday 12 that did not bring great changes in the hot zones of the classification, with victories of the first seven classified, being the Galicians of Bosco Salesianos the only ones who could win in the low zone. As for the former, Tormes remains firm in its positive streak, and Reino de León, Obradoiro and Porriño remain on the lookout, with Basket León in fifth position with one victory less than the leader’s pursuers. Chantada won again and leads the temperate zone, followed by La Flecha, who added an important victory this week.

Eleventh consecutive win for USAL La Antigua, which surpassed this time (92-69) to Hereda-Ávila Authentic-El Bulevar to remain established as a solo leader. The charros sought to impose their rhythm from the beginning, but Óbila remained firm in the first half, always in tow, but without allowing the local escape, thanks to the points of Herrera and Ndiaye. But Tormes was not up to the task of bringing the match to an even end, and after the intermission, they pressed again to, this time, open an important gap on the scoreboard. Yengue and Ukawuba stood out, along with the defensive work that limited the visitor scoring, causing the difference to skyrocket, no longer allowing the Avila players to get back into the game, thus certifying a comfortable victory in the final stretch.

Neither loosen Leclerc León Caja Rural RdL, who had no mercy on Corinto Gijón Basket, achieving a clear victory (98-73). The Leonese pressed from the beginning, scoring fluently with Llamas and Miguel Domínguez shining, but Gijón tried to keep up, looking for the difference not to open up definitively. Fernando Fernández Noval tried to pull his own, but in front of Reino de León it did not loosen and the difference always kept on an increasing trend. After the break, the leading role for Sergio Martínez and Balasko grew, raising the income above twenty points, without the Asturians being able to do too much to stop the local potential, which led the game to a final stretch with everything already decided, allowing that the coaches rotate their men to distribute minutes in a week that comes full of games.

With more suffering, but Obradoiro Silleda remains in the pursuing group thanks to his victory (73-80) versus University of Valladolid. The Galicians needed an extension to finish taking the victory, but finally they were able to secure it to continue putting pressure on the leader. The clash was one of alternatives for both, with Obradoiro trying to hit first, but always finding the perfect local response during the forty minutes. Miguel López and Cal pulled the visitors, but at the University of Valladolid Encinas and Heras gave the reply, and thus the regulation time ended with everything even, leading the game towards extra time. In that extra time, Obradoiro showed more skill and knew how to lead clearly to take an advantage that they were going to make final, scoring a long-suffering victory.

I did not have an easy way out this day Porriño Base Basketball, but they knew how to solve it with a great triumph (70-77) versus Santo Domingo Betanzos. Porriño dominated for three quarters of the game, always managing to increase his advantage on the scoreboard, supported by Varela’s scoring success, well supported by Javier Domínguez. With the rebound control and having braked Betanzos well in defense, Porriño was planted with more than 16 in the last quarter, with everything quite on track, but even so, they were going to have to suffer the last local arreón, since Betanzos was going to find in those final ten minutes the success that he had been missing throughout the game, launching himself all over the place in search of the comeback, with Abelleira and Daniel Martin as the main scorers, managing to put fear in the body of a visiting team that began to see as the rent was going down, but that he finally knew how to control the situation to prevent the local slaughter from being consumed.

In fifth place it continues ULE Basket Leon, who after his defeat a week ago, returned to the path of triumph (86-63) before the subsidiary of Unicaja Banco Oviedo. The Asturian team was only going to be able to hold out with a quarter, always in tow, but close to its rival. But before the break, Basket León would put the direct to break the scoreboard, putting a plus twenty that put the victory on track. Fede Copes led the scoring one more day, with clear dominance inside to control the rebound, enough weapons to maintain control of the scoreboard during a more even second half, where Oviedo tried to get closer, with Alejandro Rodríguez Montón as the main protagonist, but without success. against a solid Basket León that did not want surprises, and knew how to always keep the income stable in favor.

In the middle zone an interesting match was played between Mundioma Marín Ence Peixegalego and Ucoga Seguros CB Chantada-Ensino, with victory46-70) for visitors. Chantada cemented his triumph in a solid defense that put the locals in many problems to score, making the trend in the scoreboard always favorable to the visitors, who constantly increased their income, with Corral and Rubén Rey at a good level in attack. Stefanuto and Jacobo De Benito tried to shoot for Marín, but it was not the day of shooting for the locals, who accumulated errors and saw their rival farther and farther. In the end, Chantada knew how to impose his game and the last minutes were played with everything decided, after a great game by visitors.

Another who won and remains in a comfortable position in the middle of the table is CB The Arrow, who assaulted62-64) the track of Traumacor Culleredo in a shock with emotion until the last moment. The locals controlled the game for three quarters, with a solid defense and an attack in which Pau González and Araia led the scoring. Without managing to escape clearly, Culleredo did go ahead for many minutes, but La Flecha did not give up at any time, knowing how to suffer until he found his moment. A moment that was going to come in the last quarter, when they increased the defensive intensity to dry their rival, and began to cut differences to tighten everything to the maximum for the final minute, in which, thanks to two consecutive triples by Millán López They were going to be able to take the lead, thus completing a comeback in which David Fernández was also the protagonist, giving his team an important victory.

In the lower zone he only managed to score the victory Solgaleo Bosco Salesians, who was visiting the bottom court Claret Innoporc and did not fail65-69). In spite of everything, the Segovians fought until the end to inaugurate their record of victories, with a first half in which they remained well in the game, with Yagüe and Miguel Pérez as the main weapons. But the Galicians gave their blow in a great third quarter, with Kouadio as the main weapon, opening a gap that Claret could no longer close, despite the attempts in the final moments, when they managed to get something close on the scoreboard, but not close enough to avoid the triumph of a Bosco Salesianos who approaches a little to the calm zone of the table.

A classic that already rules in your new home

After many seasons in Estudiantes Lugo, a classic like Andres Corral changed this team campaign, after the descent from Lugo. Chantada was made with the services of one of the best game directors of the group, and despite the fact that the Galician team’s journey is not being as good as expected, Corral already shows that he is still the same as always, appearing in the rankings of the most prominent on a regular basis, and even this week with the accreditation of MVP of the day after his great performance against Marín. With 18 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals and 5 fouls received, Andrés Corral reached a total of 29 rating to be the best this week.

Highest rating

29 credits

Andrés Corral (Chantada)

27 credits

Miguel López (Obradoiro)

24 credits

Manuel Varela (Porriño)

Sergio Martínez (Kingdom of León)

Demian Balasko (Kingdom of León)

Top scorers

27 points

Manuel Varela (Porriño)

22 points

Lionel Kouadio (Bosco Salesians)

20 points

Miguel Domínguez (Kingdom of León)

Top rebounders

13 rebounds

Álvaro Encinas (University of Valladolid)

Miguel López (Obradoiro)

11 rebounds

Alan Morchón (Basket León)

Pablo Martín (The Arrow)

Álvaro Filgueira (Marín)

Top attendees

6 assists

Álvaro Añón (Culleredo)

Sergio Martínez (Kingdom of León)

5 assists

Carlos Suárez (Gijón Basket)

Alan Morchón (Basket Leon)

Eduardo Castaño (The Arrow)

Fernando Suarez (Oviedo)


Pablo Martín (The Arrow) – 12pt, 11rb

Joakim Yengue (Tormes) – 16pt, 10rb

Álvaro Encinas (University of Valladolid) – 14pt, 13rb

Miguel López (Obradoiro) – 17pt, 13rb

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J12 – EBA AB: Day without surprises among the favorites