J1 – EBA AB: A new season of the northwest group is underway

This weekend a new campaign was launched in the group AB from EBA League, which recovers its traditional distribution, as we already told you in the guide posted a few days ago. This matchday 1 has not been played in its entirety, since the duels between Traumacor Culleredo and Santo Domingo Betanzos, and between Solgaleo Bosco Salesians and Hereda-Ávila Authentic-El Bulevar They are pending, the first being played this Wednesday and the second next October. In the rest of the day, out of six games played, five resulted in a visitor victory, which gives an idea of ​​the competitiveness that is expected during a year in which Obradoiro, Chantada, Marín, Reino de León, Basket León and Porriño They have started with victories, thus beginning to show their credentials to try to be as high as possible.

The first leadership, pending the completion of the day, is for Obradoiro Silleda, which was clearly imposed (63-85) on your visit to a Corinto Gijón Basket that he did not have his best day. After an equal start to the clash, during the second quarter the Asturians suffered a lot to score, and that the visiting team did not want to miss to open a gap on the scoreboard. Hand in hand with Garello and Cal, Obradoiro was consolidating his income, doing a lot of damage in the offensive rebound to a Gijón that, despite the attempts of Fernando Fernández Noval, could not cut distances, finally having to give in to the strength of the Galicians , who want to fight again for the maximum this season.

Designated by many as the main candidate to lead the group, Ucoga Seguros CB Chantada did not fail at the premiere in his visit to the newly promoted Claret Innoporc. The Galicians won (55-71) with solvency displaying their usual weapons, with a defensive solidity that allows them to take the duels to a terrain in which they develop very comfortably. Despite everything, the Segovians started strong and were the ones who had the first advantages, with Young and Míguez as the most outstanding men, but Chantada put things in place from the second quarter, slowing down the scoring rhythm of his rival and starting to take advantage thanks to the contribution of Rubén Rey or Andrés Corral. During the final stretch, the Galicians knew how to perfectly control the match to avoid complications, thus confirming their first victory of the year.

Nor did a classic like Marin Peixegalego, which was disposed of at home (56-68) of the subsidiary of Unicaja Banco Oviedo. From the beginning, the Galician team wanted to make a difference, which in a great first half put the result on track, with a good contribution from the Castro brothers. On the Asturian side Cubero and Fernando Suárez tried to pull theirs, but Marín closed his ring in defense and controlled his income well during the second half, in which equality was the dominant note, with a difference that kept stable above ten points for the visitors, who were not surprised by their rival.

The only one that this day has managed to win at home so far is a Leclerc León Caja Rural RdL that surpassed74-64) to CB The Arrow. The first half of the duel was one of alternatives for both, with the visitors coming out of the game better, supported by David Fernández’s points, and the Leonese reacting before the break to equalize the score again. It was in the second half when Reino de León managed to impose his game, with the debutant Balasko shining especially together with an inspired Raúl Fernández, and Sergio Martínez contributing in double figures, despite playing touched. Thus, local income was consolidated in the final stretch and allowed a Kingdom of León to have a certain tranquility that handled those moments well to avoid problems.

He also took an important home win ULE Basket Leon, which overcame (71-75) to a combative University of Valladolid. Both teams were even in the first half of the game, but it was the locals who came out better after the break, managing to take a small income pushed by a motivated Alberto García Arribas against his former team. But the Leonese reaction was going to arrive on time, and in a brilliant last quarter they would turn the score around, with Xavier Elvira and Víctor Pérez as the main offensive protagonists, placing Basket León with an income that he was no longer going to release, to tie thus a victory that will surely raise the morale of a team that wants to fight for everything.

Finally, highlight the clash between two teams that want to be in that high zone, as they are Usal La Antigua and Porriño Base Basketball, who played an exciting duel decided in the last moments (78-81) in favor of the Galicians. Equality was the dominant note, with immediate response from the rival every time one of the teams tried to stretch the score. That led to maximum excitement at the beginning of the final quarter, to which the Salamancans came with a slight advantage, thanks to the contribution of McCarthy and Ukawuba. But Porriño was not going to give up easily, and led by Besada and Vaquero, he reacted to turn the scoreboard and take those small rents in his favor, managing the final minutes well to unbalance the balance in his favor and certify the hard-working victory.

A return home in which the joy could not be complete

After three seasons away from the University of Valladolid, Alberto Garcia Arribas He has returned this summer to what was his club, and he has done so with the experience gained in Pas Piélagos and Basket León, which has helped him to grow in his game and now seek to be the leader of his team. In this first day he has exercised that role, leading the contribution of his team in the complicated duel against Basket León, precisely his team last season. But despite his great personal performance, the joy could not be complete, since the victory finally fell on the visiting side. Despite everything, Alberto García Arribas has managed to stand out as the first MVP of the day of this campaign in group AB, and he has done so thanks to his 20 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 stolen balls and 3 fouls received, which allowed him to reach 29 rating.

Highest rating

29 credits

Alberto García Arribas (Valladolid University)

28 credits

Demian Balasko (Kingdom of León)

22 credits

Acoydan McCarthy (Tormes)

Top scorers

21 points

Iker Besada (Porriño)

20 points

Robert Ukawuba (Tormes)

Alberto García Arribas (Valladolid University)

Top rebounders

12 rebounds

Sergio Martínez (Kingdom of León)

11 rebounds

Fernando Fernández Noval (Gijón)

10 rebounds

Juan Castro (Marin)

Top attendees

6 assists

Angel Moro (Tormes)

5 assists

Sergio Arias (Gijón)

Acoydan McCarthy (Tormes)


Sergio Martínez (Kingdom of León) – 10pt, 12rb

Juan Castro (Marin) – 13pt, 10rb

Fernando Fernández Noval (Gijón) – 18pt, 11rb