It’s also basketball

We live in a life with no time for anything, where routine marks the territory, stereotypes rule and with an increasingly technological world that makes immediacy almost an obligation instead of something to enjoy having it. In such a way, speaking from own experience, when parenthood or childcare arrives, the time for basketball decreases, but you can always get a smile when the basketball chapter of the children’s series arrives.

They, the little ones, can see the same chapters over and over again, as we have all done in our childhood, but those of us who surround them and are with them, who are basketball lovers, have some always on the favorite list. And we are going to echo this.

Peppa Pig. A little pig tells everyday stories with her family (Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and her little brother George), as well as with her entire gang of friends. Always present his inseparable love for dinosaurs. In the chapter dedicated to basketball, Daddy Pig teaches some little animals eager to play like any child with the mini-basketball.

Simon. The funniest rabbit. With stories for our children to enjoy, with his little brother Gaspar, his friends and his family. In this chapter, Simón’s mother explains to them how to play basketball and we see how it costs “the children” those first steps, as it has happened to all of us in our early days.

Morphle. Mila has a magical pet named Morphle who transforms into different forms. Guess what can happen when Morphle turns into a basketball and starts a 2 × 2?

But not everything is sedentary lifestyle. The best way to get them hooked on basketball is to take them to an open space to run or to a park where they can put their psychomotor skills into play by jumping for the best dunks. If you want to be the popular one in the park (there always are), the best investment may be to acquire this hoop, basket and ball pack to be able to stick on any wall with adhesive tape and see how the little ones take their first steps. If it is exhausted or you cannot find it, you can look for an alternative for the moment of the bath with this basket. If you are more pro, you have a patio or a place where you can leave it installed, large chains have baskets with support and a ring in children’s mode (option 1, option 2, option 3 Y option 4).

It has been a quick summary, but I wanted to share it with all of you and I hope to update it over time (or with advice that you give me with your experience).

NOTE. Waiting for him to grow a little more to be able to put him where he is Three points, buddy! of the great Chicho Terremoto. What childhood memories …

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It’s also basketball