It was the most Bivins

Given the unbeatable chance of starting or deepening their recovery, 25 and the UA arrived, in a very nice duel for the fifth of El Metro. August 25 started better within a smooth process, a good defense in square one with reference to Taboada made it quite difficult for Lovera’s team, who depended almost exclusively on Bivins to score. Without being a light in attack or much less, with the minutes the Sedes team from a very effective defense was opening the advantage that became up to eight with a great quarter from Silva; However, loading the offensive rebound with Delgado and Bivins, the UA reacted and managed to close the first boy losing but only 24-20.

The triples appeared for Unión at the beginning of the second, with that weapon the azulgrana tied and passed quickly in the game. The lion entered a dangerous slump of losses and bad offensive options that facilitated runs and even more triples, with Delgado surprising in that aspect leading 16-6 to open the second. Those of Nuevo Malvín continued with murderous percentages from a distance (scoring seven in a row) that allowed them to continue in front despite several losses at the end of the first half, taken advantage of by the Twenty with runs of Aristimuño and Vázquez to equalize the actions, which They were 42-40 in favor of Unión Atlética in the face of the complement.

Lucas Capalbo came in notable, brought two instantaneous bombs and eight points from the bench to restore the leadership to twenty, but 25 stayed; and the game entered a sloppy terrain of losses and runs, where Antonio Bivins felt like a fish in water, stealing every ball that was rolling and taking advantage of it with quick attacks, along with the wisdom of Taboada, Lovera’s men set the pace, although with a good moment from Aristimuño the Lion left the third, losing only 66-63.

Héctor reappeared to start the last one, but Emilio picked up where he had left off and re-entered notably, now generating his own goals; until Brian with two bombs from another game tied the tremendous match again with five minutes to go. When a very opportune bombshell by the Argentine gave him three income at 25 in just over a minute, it seemed that things were settling for the Lion, but blow by blow, the response was immediate from Emilio with another triple. Brian García, as throughout the last quarter, reappeared with a key goal, and when Lovera’s team was on the ropes, almost as a last resort, he used a challenge that ended up being as salvific as it was controversial; giving Bivins the chance with three very heavy freebies to pass or at least call it. The foreigner did not miss and the last ball was left to the Headquarters team one down with two seconds, although very demanded Silva failed and the UA won 84-83, in a truly incredible way.