“It was my revenge”

Montevideo achieved its second consecutive victory by defeating Capurro. One of the high points was Camila Laesprella, who in the closing took Abril Ramírez and annulled her. After the meeting, he spoke with Básquet Total.

He began by giving his first impressions of the game: “The game was prepared. He touched me in the last minutes with three fouls from the first half. It was necessary to maintain, the team already entered concentrated. We planned it, we said that from the moment we entered we already had to be concentrated, because it always happens to us that from the first time we are deconcentrated. We said that the game started at that moment and it showed. We defended well, when Aldana (Piñeiro) had to mark Abril, he marked her well. It was my turn to last and you had to give everything ”.

After a good passage from Lorena Sapio, Montevideo took refuge in a zonal defense that gave a lot of results: “I don’t play down but I had to defend Palomeque, Sapio. We spent most of the game marking a girl to a big one. Everything had to be dropped, it was last year’s revenge, it was my revenge, because I had to leave with a dislocation in my finger (in the final of the Bronze Cup) and today we had to give everything. The idea was to release a lot of help for those underneath and that’s how it happened, as soon as the pivot put the spike it was necessary to go to mark. Luckily from the outside, their balls did not enter, there were few triples. It was all well planned and we left everything to win. At the end we were a bit tight due to some losses, some shots too many, in a hurry. But we had to win, we had the pressure to win ”.

Since the arrival of Aldana Piñeiro, those of the Market did not know defeat and Camila referred to Argentina: “It contributes a lot. From the experience, the mental, the energy that she has. Since she arrived, in practice we put more intensity into her, we defend more intense as well. He contributes from scoring to advice ”.

Despite being on a roll, Laesprella is cautious about the objectives: “Little by little. We go slowly to go far, that is the objective, to go game by game. I would love to say that we are for the Silver Cup, but I am not going to go ahead and work for that. “