“It was a war”

Anthony Dandrige was essential for Stockolmo to overcome Danubio and reach the semifinals of El Metro. After the decisive game, he spoke with Basketball Total.

On his feelings after the victory, he said: “I am very happy for the team. We made a lot of mistakes and a lot of different things, we have to give credit to Danubio who played a really tough game and a very difficult series, but we were able to carry it ”.

When talking about what the Prado team did in the first half, he commented: “We take the shots and we share the ball. We made some mistakes that allowed them to shoot a lot, it was difficult for me but I am grateful to my team that helped me to get ahead. We all support each other so as not to fall ”.

He also talked about how tough the second part of the match was: “Danubio played as a team. They all played very hard, both the experienced and the youngest. Chervo played with an injured hand and made a great game, it was a war at times. But we knew how to close it better ”.

Precisely around the end of the game, where the outlook was most difficult for Stockolmo, was where Tony appeared: “The key to taking the game into overtime was to calm down. They were in a great moment but they had their weak points that we could take advantage of. It was in one of those that I managed to tie the game ”.

On the lengthening, where there was also a closure of clenched teeth, he commented: “We had to correct our mistakes and take advantage of the fact that Chervo had fouled out. That gave us more confidence, but even when we got some advantage they still played very well. It was a very top game ”.

Finally, he spoke of his performance in the match. “My game was not that good, but I played what the team needed. And if we win, which is the most important thing, everything else is secondary ”.