“It is a dynamic and very physical tournament”

Biguá got into the semifinals of the 3 × 3, after leaving Goes on the way in a very tough game. Fabián Refresquines was the figure of Pato and after the game, he spoke with Básquet Total.

Refresquines began by recounting his sensations from the tournament: “We found what we expected. A very dynamic tournament, it is part of what the 3 × 3 discipline is, and very physical. There are days like today when there is a lot of wind too and you can’t get much outside. But this is what this sport is about ”.

Fabián delved into a windy day where it was necessary to attack the bass to take the game forward: “From the beginning we knew that we were not going to win the game by shooting, but by going to look for the points below the ring, to see if we could take advantage of there. It was our game and we achieved it, from there we made differences and fastened the game ”.

He also referred to the difficulty of a game that was very physical and left his impression of the clash with Aguada in the semifinals: “Goes played a good game too, much to their credit. In the semifinal we are going to find more or less what happened today, a tough, dynamic game between the two teams and trying to find the advantage from there ”.

Of the expectations between now and the end of the tournament, having already reached the semi-finals, he said: “Now how do we start. Game by game, put him from the start to the end and try to win. Then let it be as far as we go ”.

Finally, he talked about how the group was formed with which, they got among the best four of the contest: “The coach contacted some of our players and others who also wanted to join the team. Here we are all, some are university players, other youth like me, others like Dennis (Blazina), who is now on loan to play the DTA in Paysandú ”.

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“It is a dynamic and very physical tournament”