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In Ceres, San Isidro suffered and suffered at Central Argentino Olímpico who had a dream night. The Falcons fell heavily from 112 to 83. On Thursday at the “Nido” with Echagüe.

On the second date of the Regular Phase of the Northern Conference of the Argentine League, in the Santa Fe city of Ceres, San Isidro had a very bad time when they fell with Central Argentino 112 to 83.

Los Halcones were “snatched” early. The night dreamed of the locals was precisely before the red. Not only because of the sudden 9-0 run, but because of its continuity, which was prolonged.

With an overwhelming burst at the beginning of the second quarter, 5 of 5 in triples came to take a 20 advantage (46 to 26) in just 4 minutes of the second quarter. That difference did not stop, it continued to increase surprisingly, reaching 29 with 73% from the field goal (9 of 13 in triples).

After the long break, things remained the same. With Baeza and the indefensible Martínez brothers and the ever-growing ring for the Ceresinos. They got to get 35 making clear the notorious supremacy to go in search of the last 10 minutes 91 to 57.

With 7 minutes to go, Central had already reached 100 points. He did not relax even when he served 39. San Isidro resigned could not even “decorate” the disadvantage to finish with a 112 to 83.

Next Thursday, as a local, he will receive Echagüe in the penultimate meeting of 2021 at the “Severo Robledo”.


Ceres 112 Central: Pablo Martínez 20, Matías Martínez 32, Jorge Banegas 10, Joaquín Baeza 23, Edgardo Torné 12, Alejandro Spalla 4, Lisandro Fernández 7, Guido Cabrera 2, Luciano Melastro 2. DT: Enrique Lancellotti.

San Isidro 83: Santiago Bruno 12, Santiago Assum 7, Milton Vittar 10, José Montero 14, Juan Cruz Oberto 6, Emilio Stucky 13, Ignacio Cuesta 4, Jerónimo Suñé 2, Gonzalo Romero 4, Federico Zezular 5, Jeremías Diotto 6. DT: Daniel Beltramo.

Partial: Central de Ceres 29 / San Isidro 18 – 63/38 – 91/57 and 112/83.

Referees: Raúl Lorenzo, Ezequiel Silva and Elias Raboy.

Stadium: Ceres

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It had a bad time is Ceres – DiarioSports – San Francisco