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San Isidro was winning by 18, he had it on the ropes to the local Independiente, but he was incredibly without a goal in the last quarter and ended up losing it 67 to 65.

In Santiago del Estero, at the beginning of the Headquarters that crosses Groups C and D of the Northern Conference, San Isidro lost an incredible match against the local Independiente 67-65, adding his second setback in a row.

The Falcons won well, played well and dominated in all sectors. He did not know how to liquidate it in the third and fourth and in the last the santiagueños put a partial of 18 to 5 to turn the story around.

It was 25 minutes of the red. Tough on defense, attentive on rebounds and intense with rotations. This is how the “saint” started the first quarter, surprising the local who failed too much. Those of our city were able to take the game to its best terrain by winning in those initial 10 15 to 9.

The best was in the second. With a run of triples, San Isidro reached a maximum of 15 points with just over 2 minutes remaining to go to the long break. Until then, the Falcons reached 53% from that track with Assum (3/3) and Romero (2/4) as the flagship. In that first half, the 11 players from Daniel Beltramo’s squad who traveled north had action and only two did not convert points (Cuesta and Bruno).

With a 10-3 start, the tonic of the game continued in favor of the “saint” who stretched the lead to 18. In any case, the people of Santiago did not give up, they managed to make their footing and equaling the fourth at 19 to go in Search for the last period 49 to 60.

That clean and jerk, the local also stretched it at the beginning of the quarter. With a 4-0 loss to 7 points, forcing Daniel Beltramo to ask for a minute to reorganize his team. That goal was not met and in the blink of an eye, Independiente tied things at 61 to 5:15 to play (11 to 1 partial).

Two free of Romero stopped the tornado; just the first field goal in that intense last quarter came with 3:11 left through Stucky, demonstrating how much the red cost him. With 1:14, for the first time in the game Independiente passed the front, 67 to 65 by two free games converted by Fortunato.

San Isidro again made mistakes, similar to those of Sunchales. He lost unforgivable balls, lacked hierarchy to handle the pressure and the game ended up slipping through his hands.

Red will play again this Wednesday, from 7:30 p.m. (second turn) against Villa San Martín, a rival with whom he lost his first game of the season at the Santa Fe Headquarters 80 to 75. On Saturday at 7:30 p.m. . will close its participation in Santiago del Estero facing Central Argentino Olímpico de Ceres.


Independent SdE 67: Bruno Ingratta 6, Daniel Tabbia 19, Jeremías Sandrini 9, Luciano Silva 10, Luciano Tambucci 6, Marcelo Martínez 6, Gabriel Mendes Da Silva 6, José Rolfi Fortunato 5. DT: Fabián Daverio.

San Isidro 65: Santiago Bruno 2, Santiago Assum 15, Milton Vittar 8, José Montero 2, Juan Cruz Oberto 7, Emilio Stucky 7, Jerónimo Suñé 3, Gonzalo Romero 10, Ignacio Cuesta 0, Federico Zezular 9 and Jeremías Diotto 2. DT: Daniel Beltramo.

Partial: Independent 9 / San Isidro 15 – 30/41 – 49/60 and 67/65.

Referees: Silvio Guzmán, Virginia Peruchini and Luis Chacana.

Stadium: “Israel Parnas”

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It got into his hands – DiarioSports – San Francisco