Irving and his imminent return to the Barclays Center

Brooklyn Nets star point guard, Kyrie Irvingplay at home again this season.

According to the interpretation of the last message of the mayor of New York, Eric Adams —throught social media— as early as March 7 the mandate (if numbers continue to drop) of masks in public schools would be lifted. That day, also the vaccination requirements for Key2NYC, that is, places to dine, exercise and entertain indoors.

However, Adams added in his official statement that “all other vaccine mandates in New York City will remain in place at this time, as they are and have been vital to protecting New Yorkers.” That means Irving still wouldn’t play at Barclays Center on that date, as the city’s vaccination mandate for in-person workers remains in place.

“I follow him as much as you do,” Irving said. “I am very grateful to all those who work behind the scenes to make our world a better place.”

Irving also said he appreciated NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s recent comments on ESPN’s Get Up, where Silver defended Irving and noted that the mandate “doesn’t make much sense,” given that unvaccinated players on opposing teams they could still play in New York City.

“I know your job is not easy,” Irving said. “I’m grateful. We want to set a great example for the world in what we’re doing, and we try to stand up for what’s right and respect other people’s choices and personal beliefs.”

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Irving and his imminent return to the Barclays Center