Intercollegiate Games in Angaco, Iglesia, Rawson and Rivadavia

Today, Monday, a new day of the Intercollegiate Games was held with activity in four departments of our province. In Angaco, the Municipal Camping site was the venue for volleyball in the sub-12 mixed and female, sub-14 female and sub-18 female and male categories.

In Iglesia, various sports were developed in the Cornelio Saavedra schools with chess, basketball, basket ball, cycling, and e-sports and culture activities, and the Dalmacio Vélez Sarsfield School was developed with roller skating.

In Rivadavia, Handball was held at the Playón Polideportivo of the Universidad Católica de Cuyo, where 40 schools and a total of 360 girls and boys participated, since it was played in sub 12 and sub 16, while the athletics of the Rawson schools , was played in the female branch of the Jesús “Ñandú” Morales synthetic track in CEF Nº 20, totaling 650 primary and secondary level students between them.

Below are the results recorded in the morning shift, while currently the competitions are still being played in the afternoon shift:

Results Monday September 5



Sub 12 mixed: 1st School Juan Jufré

Sub 12 female: 1st School Juan Jufré

Under 14 female: 1st College Cacique Angaco

Under 18 female: 1st College Cacique Angaco

Under 18 male: 1st College Cacique Angaco



Sub 16 female: 1º Esc Secundaria Antártida Argentina


Folkloric dance duo: Milagros Lujan Muñoz Tapia/Jordi Alejandro Mondaca (Column Cabot High School)

Female vocal soloist: Gimena Agustina Díaz (Antartida Argentina High School)

Skate Race

1st School Dalmacio Vélez Sarsfield

2nd Province of Santa Cruz

Programming Monday, September 5 – Afternoon Shift


Cestoball – Basketball-Cycling -Culture – E-Sport – Chess, at the Cornelio Saavedra School (afternoon shift).


Handball Sub 16, in the Sports Center of the Catholic University of Cuyo (afternoon shift).


Athletics Sub 16 – 18 Feminine, in the CEF N°20 (afternoon shift).

Intercollegiate Schedule Tuesday, September 6


Sub 12 volleyball, at the CIC Calle La Laja, (morning shift).

Volleyball Sub 14-18, at the CIC Calle La Laja, (afternoon shift).


Handball Sub 16, at the Sports Complex of the UNSJ, “El Palomar” (morning and afternoon shift).


Cestoball Sub 16, at Club Deportivo Barreal, (morning and afternoon shift).

Basketball – Skate Race, at the Barreal Sports Center (morning and afternoon shifts).

Cycling, in the Plaza General San Martin, (morning and afternoon shift).

Culture – Chess- E-Sport, at the Barreal Secondary School.


Under 12 male athletics, in CEF N° 20 (morning shift).

Under 16-18 male athletics in the CEF N° (afternoon shift).


Football, at the Juan Serú School (morning and afternoon shifts)

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Intercollegiate Games in Angaco, Iglesia, Rawson and Rivadavia