Institute: prominence in basketball, sunset in soccer – Diario Alfil

By Federico Jelic

Institute navigates rough waters. To tell the truth, there is no risk of coups or lack of guarantees for better governance, only that the meager sports campaign in football calls into question some leadership criteria where the new president Juan Manuel Cavagliatto does not come out completely unscathed. .

And of course, when the ball does not enter, it hits the stick and the goal is suspended, criticism is never lacking. That is why Cavagliatto’s challenge is to hit the key with the future DT and organize the structure, taking into account that he manages his area, basketball, with organization, efficiency and a calibrated look to always be a protagonist and ambitious.

But mostly the Institute is football. That is already well known. And a delicate dull season continues to bother more than in other areas it may have championship aspirations. This season he already “ate” a president and two coaches. How is this situation reversed? Does this board of directors have the elements and knowledge at hand to change its image? Meanwhile, the questions do not stop, the corporate mass does not reach two thousand members and the support is more virtual than real.

Football and the meat grinder

It is known that Cavagliatto assumed the leadership almost urgently with the unwavering resignation of former president Tito Castoldi, after some unsuccessful attempts to direct the footballing course and the hasty appointment of Mauricio Caranta as DT. He did not win a match. The vice, basketball strongman, took over, but without the experience in relation to the administration of a club and less of football. That is precisely what is being questioned: he does not have the same suitability or the scrolls in football that he did more than achieve with the orange ball.

Was the determination to appoint DT Marcelo Vázquez as Caranta’s substitute coach incorrect? In light of the results, yes, but with the Friday newspaper, it was not a bad option. He had played two finals for promotion with Estudiantes de Río Cuarto, and was also the flag in Armando Pérez’s proselytizing campaign in the Belgrano elections. In other words, he was reputed enough to be able to route the ship. And when he was unable to do so except for some breezes that invited hope, he finally had to leave Alta Córdoba with paler than certainties. Now two men from the house will be there as a contingency plan: manager Daniel “Miliki” Jiménez and Claudio Sarría, an interim who has already had several chapters, always ready to give a hand as firefighters on duty. Even when?

And in basketball, they are all lights: nothing less than the former base of the Argentine National Team Lucas Victoriano (who has great projection to the point that he was listed as a potential candidate to succeed the “Sheep” Sergio Hernández) arrived as a coach in addition to indulging of hiring an Olympian like Tayavek Gallizzi to fully aim for the title. It is worth clarifying that “Tatú” is the Third Vice President of the Club Association (AdC), and at just 34 years old, he has a leadership career to become the head of that body in not long time. And that is one of his personal aspirations, being qualified for it.

In any case, as long as he does not manage to straighten the football horizon, he will not have complete peace. There were some actions to win the heart of the member, with scheduled visits to the La Agustina property and with an “inverse” update of the fee, with the value prior to the pandemic (760 pesos). Everything as to re-incentivize people and build the great family that it used to be. However, in football he continues with unpleasant news, such as the departure and termination of the contract of one of his figures, Damián Arce, bound for Chile.

Also, Cavagliatto obtained accessions. With the departure of Vázquez, social networks became inflamed and the main recipient is always the one who makes the decisions. The former director but always collaborator Gustavo Beggiato came out in support of the leadership by declaring in the media that “it is not the time for early elections or for everyone to leave the Institute.” Strong support in times of crisis. Only in August of next year there are elections in Alta Córdoba and Cavagliatto will be responsible for directing the club until then, although no one imagines him outside of it, due to his management capacity and commitment. Especially with basketball of course. The advice of those close to him indicates the need to improve his advice in football, an area where he is not sufficiently qualified (and neither do many of the commission), either by hiring an expert or someone with greater knowledge. But of course, we must not forget that in football almost never two plus two is four. And taking into account that the Institute has been playing in the National B for 15 years and with only one campaign in which it was the real protagonist, it is not a problem that only Cavagliatto or Castoldi can take with all the rigor …