Incredible but true! Dallas Mavericks are hesitant to extend Luka Doncic long term. Why?

Let’s put Dallas mavericks as an equation, now take away Luka doncic from there what remains? Nothing, that’s how many people think about this team in the National Basketball Association (NBA), namely, Slovenian is the backbone of the institution.

Therefore, when the office of the Texan quintet arrives point guard request about signing his / her signature on the long-term contract, There should not be any kind of inconvenience to accept, or at least it seems that simple, but the truth is that not everything is pink.

This has been revealed by The Athletic through a publication, stating that there are certain frictions between the star player of the franchise and some executives, specifically with Haralabos Voulgaris, who according to the aforementioned media is “the most influential force” in the team’s managerial decisions.

Is Luka Doncic’s continuity in danger at Dallas Mavericks?

Thinking of Luka Doncic outside the Dallas Mavericks seems strange to digestGiven that the Slovenian is comfortable in this franchise, he is the leader and enjoys the affection of the fans, but the truth is that from above there may be the obstacle to his long-term continuity.

Luka Doncic (Photo: Getty)

Therefore, it would not be entirely unreasonable to think that we could see the Last NBA Playoffs of “El Niño Maravilla” with the shirt of the Texan team, opening the imagination to various organizations where your talent would be more than welcomed with open arms.