In the last breath

The cast of Emilio Frugoni started much better, he passed the ball well and had a goal both in the paint with Reque Newsome and on the perimeter with Matías De Gouveia and Ignacio Gadnich, he reached a maximum 12 points (19-7). Until there was a defensive change in San Telmo, he adjusted on the shooters and Javier Masner’s team went to the man, he confused Welcome and began to run the field with Andrés Piñeiro as a figure and carrying on the bass with Tomás De León and Johnny Rodríguez , partial 16-5 for the blue cast, which shortened and the first boy was lost 24-23.

The second period followed the Cardal street team, which continued to press on the front line with Piñeiro and Castro, forced some losses and became strong in the rebounding fence with Rodríguez-De León and Federico Miller when he jumped from the bench. In some situations he alternated in zone 2-3, and also some combined with the three exponents of the second line closing to block Newsome who was the only one who was facing the W in attack. Johnny Rodríguez with a lot of folder in the post was uncontrollable, in addition to Piñeiro with the outside shot, 45-42 Santo went up to the long rest.

The complement Pedro Xavier’s team was left without a solution to the problems generated by his rival. El Piñe saw the basket as an Olympic swimming pool and Johnny had more goal than Aldo Díaz (eternal scorer of the north) with the Tacuarembó shirt. The red cast had no reaction, the group could not defend their rival who found a goal in different ways with a large percentage of three points in this boy, the best remedy to break the W zone. Masner’s team left 18 points up the last quarter, 77-59.

When the game was like night for the welcomense, since there was a heavy rain in the old Bella Vista neighborhood that made itself heard on the plate of the coquettish stage of the Auri, it was that the ring began to open to the old Welcome. Quick partial 11-2 to get into the game (79-70 above San Telmo). Emilio Taboada with a lot of folder appeared with the outside launch and Q on the bass was key with his hierarchy.
Masner time to rearrange the pieces, but the team was left without a goal, lowered the percentages to three and had several whistles that hurt it.
The closing was crazy, Frugoni’s winning 88-84 with 1:54 left, Diego Silva was key with a bomb, Taboada with breaks and the patience to order De Gouveia’s team.
Piñeiro went to the line and put two free for Santo. Offensive for Welcome from the central pick De Gouveia with Newsome, foul on Q, left one, 89-86 with 00:30 left.
San Telmo replaced, broke and went up Nicoletti barely missed, the rebound went to the saint, who had twice to equalize with the long throw, first the Piñe, then Castro, and after this last shot Johnny captured the rebound, went up and scored with foul that was not charged.
The game was 89-88 in the absence of 00:10, Taboada went to the line put the two with a lot of class, then the last unsettled the former Olimpia threw three and missed, rebound and more free for Emilio who sentenced the game with two shooting. The end was 93-88 for the old Welcome.

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In the last breath