In my premiere I command

The first minutes of the game were at high speed, because the two teams wanted to play fast transitions many times badly finished (few clear shots or loss of balls). The best of the black wings was seen in the Couñago / Héctor Silva tandem so they opened five, 9-4, which motivated Sapio’s minute. On the return of the same Lucca Romero managed better the threads of the premises, to pass on the scoreboard (10-9). The visit loaded the paint with Monteverde and Silva and committed the rojinegro with fouls (Tute and Rossano with two). The first ten closed 15 equal.

The second quarter Capurro came out more focused on defense, from there he developed clearer offensives with Manuel Castro and Andrés Rodríguez as banners and took six, 25-19, Rovira was forced to ask for time to correct and go if he did, because in a Blink of an eye with Jones and Silva equaled the actions. Those led by Sapio resorted to the line to find a goal, this made the game somewhat cut off added to the lack of clarity of the teams to generate from the collective, everything took place in the form of individual impulses. Those of the Palermo neighborhood lost Amaral after going to look for a ball above he bent his ankle and saw no more action. Capurro abused the outside pitch with little result, the albiceleste closed it better with the central pick of Rivas with Monteverde or Jones to close up 38-34.

The third quarter opened with everything for the local, accompanied by the singing of its people who encouraged a lot, stopped in the zone and went fast in attack with Cardozo and Fabrício Viacava (45-41). Rovira asked for a minute and changed course, Nahuel Santos showed his best moments, Jones searched with penetrations and Héctor always hurt so they put a 9-0 to pass. Capurro continued in the game with Romero and Cardozo at a high level, the zone gave him results until Jones and Da Silva placed two triples in a row so that the black wings go up 60-55.

The last ten minutes were the most frictionless, the two teams went almost two minutes without converting, but the clock was an ally of the visit. The Rivas / Planels double base worked for Sapo, the ball came cleaner to Jones. In Capurro everything happened through Cardozo, it was posted and took advantage, it was the emblem in attack for the local, but the black wings with Planes and Jones as figures took a maximum of nine (72-63). The locals looked for the reaction, their people were crying out for it, encouraging and it came with a triple Cardozo and another behind Souza plus a conversion from Tute to get to one (72-71), as if it were little he had to pass with a triple by Souza but the ball came out, in the reload Hector went to the line and put one. The last was for the local, Álvarez looked for three and failed, the rebound was in the hands of Cardozo, they cut him, went to the line and placed both (73-73) with a second left to play. Athens could not shoot and extend.

The additional five minutes were cut and free play played a key role. Álvarez accompanied Cardozo, the closure that Sebastián had was to frame, the offensives were loaded. Atenas came to the line to add and did not do it very effectively, Silva was somewhat imprecise, something that did not happen to Seba Álvarez who had the two decisive free games in his hands and sent them to save, to seal the victory by 86- 85 and unleash the madness of all the red and black fans who made their debut with those triumphs that the fan dreams of.

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In my premiere I command