In Manga basketball veterans have fun shooting

In the HL Román park of the Manga neighborhood, the Plus 45 Basketball Tournament is successfully developed with the contest of seven very competitive teams, with veteran players who leave the last sweat on the court.

This event has become something institutional in the Manga neighborhood, with a tradition of several years, since the group of players who participate have formed a true family.

In the sporting aspect, there are two teams that so far command the stop, then add two victories in the same number of presentations.

They are Caracoles and Isla de Manga, which lead the table with a total of four points. (Read here: Caracoles and Isla de Manga stomp on the Plus 45 of Basketball).

Caracoles’ last victory was 55-54 against Hazmat, in a dramatic match.

Álvaro Díaz, from Caracoles, was the most effective of the match with 15 points, while Hernando Vega was Hazmat’s best with 22 points.

Meanwhile, Isla de Manga had to break a sweat to beat Magisterio by a score of 60-57 in a disputed game on Wednesday night. Antonio Cuesta led the Isla de Manga offense with 27 points, followed by Jaider Zúñiga and Sebastián Aponte with 10 each.

The best in Teaching were Rafael Crisón with 17 and Jorge Luis Valasco with 14.

The scorers table is led by players Rafael Crisón and Fernando Castro, both from Maaagisterio, with 30 points each, followed by Hernando Vega (Hazmat) with 29; Antonio Cuesta (Manga Island) with 27; Sebastián Aponte (Isla de Manga) with 25 and Luis Flórez and Álvaro Díaz, both with 24.

More triples: Hernando Vega 6 (Hazmat); José Julián Guerrero 5 (Snails); Luis Flórez 4 (Hazmat), William Bello 4 (Hazmat); Roberto Sierra 3 (Manga Island).

Free throws: Antonio Cuesta 9 (Manga Island); Fernando Castro 6 (Teaching); Juan Cantillo 6 (Centennial).

More doubles: Rafael Crisón 11 (Teaching); Sebastián Aponte 11 (Manga Island).

The other results that have been registered in the contest are: Isla de Manga 59, Alcondi 47; Magisterio 31, Caracoles 55; Magisterio 27, Alcondi 32; Hazmat 65, Magisterium 55.

Positions: Snails 4 sts; Manga Island 4; Hazmat 3; Alcondi 3; Magisterium 3; Centennial 1; Patriarchs 0.

Upcoming matches

Monday October 4

7 pm Snails vs. Patriarchs

8:15 pm Hazmat vs. Manga Island

Wednesday 6th October

7 pm Centennial vs. Patriarchs

8:30 pm Snails vs. Alcondi