In a heart-stopping ending, Goes beat Aguada 68-66 and forced the fifth classic

Goes beat Aguada 68-66 in the fourth classic of the Uruguayan Basketball League quarterfinal playoff series, forcing a fifth and definitive match.

The missionary played a crushing first half where he got 19 points ahead. However, Aguada reacted in the third quarter achieving an important comeback. The last part, played poorly by both, was played with hearts in hand. There Goes managed to maintain an advantage between six and four points, until Aguada reached the final 13 seconds two goals down. He tried to equalize, but was unable to do so due to the tough defense of Goa, which is now one win away from reaching its first League semi-final.

Nicolás Casalánguida protests an incident

Aguada counted as a great novelty with the presence of the American Al Thornton, former NBA champion with the club in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. He left after playing the 2021 League and returned after defending Peñarol de Mar del Plata in Argentina. The former Los Angeles Clippers came in place of Marcos Mata, who suffered a torn meniscus and Aguada was enabled to replace him by a special medical board, because foreigners can no longer be exchanged for technical reasons at this stage of the contest.

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Al Thornton, reunion day

In addition, Sebastián Izaguirre was left out due to a torn adductors. He will not be on Friday either and Aguada has already replaced the national record due to the rupture of ligament repair by Mathías Calfani, who was replaced by Agustín Zuvich.

First quarter

Goes started very plugged in and with three consecutive triples he opened a 10-point lead (13-3) which led Casalánguida to his first time request.

Krampelj had had a very poor start and in the first few minutes he was replaced by Thornton, who was cheered upon entering.

Goes imposed his forms from taking the rebound (11-7) and also for his defensive attitude, from which he could run and look for better shooting options. In terms of triples, he shot five and scored three against one of six from the water carrier.

Giorgetti was the most outstanding with nine points.

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The fans of Goes

Second bedroom

Goes continued to play much better while Aguada completely lost the compass.

The difference in rebounds grew from 22 to 16. In triples, the missionary went to the long break with five in 12 attempts while Aguada only hit two out of 14. In assists, the difference was 11 to five.

Casalánguida asked for time when the maximum advantage reached 13 points (35-22). The idea was to make a good closure of the final 2′ and close the gap.

None of that happened. On a run, Goes stretched the lead to 19 points and went up 43-24 with a run of 8-2 in that close.

Giorgetti rose to 14 points and seven rebounds while Colmenares contributed 11. Martín Osimani provided four assists. In Aguada, Bavosi and Thornton scored six each.

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Leandro García Morales defended by Giorgetti

Third quarter

Everything changed in the third quarter when Aguada prevented Goes from running which was kept at zero in the quick transition goal.

Thornton shouldered the team and Aguada went from 24 points in the entire first half to 26 in the third quarter. The partial of the quarter was 26-13 and what was a 19-point lead was whittled down to just six, on a couple of possessions.

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Al Thornton came back and owned the ball

Goes looked very stuck on offense, Aguada strengthened his defense and in attack, in addition to Thornton (he reached 19 points), Duren lit up with nine points.

Goes entered the final quarter 56-50 up.

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The Aguada crowd

Last room

The game went into a rut at the start of the last partial. Both teams were victims of nerves and inaccuracy.

Thornton was charged with fouls with five minutes remaining and only after a timeout, Joaquín Osimani was able to run the field to score the first missionary goal against in the complement.

At the end, Martín Osimani read the offense and a double from Colmenares with the bulk of Krapelj moving him from the axis of the shot was key to opening a small advantage that the Venezuelan never knew how to stretch from the free throw line, his Achilles heel (four of 13).

The Osimani were key in closing. Martín finished with seven assists, six rebounds and seven points. Joaquín as the team’s top scorer with 18.

Aguada fought her to the end. A remarkable triple by Bavosi left him with the last chance to tie. Duren couldn’t, nor could Mono on the rebound. Goes defended with his soul and forced the fifth game that will be this Friday.

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Goes’ harangue

The match

First Quarter: Goes 24-12
Second Quarter: Goes 43-24
Third quarter: Goes 56-50
Final: Goes 68-66

Check out the match stats here.

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In a heart-stopping ending, Goes beat Aguada 68-66 and forced the fifth classic