In a controversial final, Corrientes Básquet lost to Unión Florida

Once again, Héctor Etchart from Ferro Carril Oeste was the scene where, closing his second double appearance in the National Women’s League, Corrientes Básquet fell to Unión Florida 60-58 in what was their fourth match in the contest. An even game that was for any team, and that had an exciting closing.

After the initial jump Florida quickly showed their offensive weapons and started with great effectiveness from the perimeter, with triples from Miculka, and the Martinez sisters to quickly get an initial difference of 13 to 4 in four and a fraction. At that moment the flag bearers, Leiva and Cabrera, appeared to smooth the distance and close the first period 15 to 10 below.

The Corrientes went to the second room with another face. Novatti moved the bench finding solutions in the attack, and on the other hand adjusted the defense on Miculka and also improved the pressure on the perimeter shots. Thus, with Chiaia and Murphy being key in their entry from the bank and the contribution of Cabrera, Leiva and Duarte Corrientes Básquet, they could go to the front 25 to 27 with three to play. At that time the advantage was given on several occasions, and a Miculka layup in the first half 30-29 for Unión Florida.

Sofia Cabrera.jpeg

Upon returning from the long break, a 0-5 run in the hands of Sofía Cabrera put the Corrientes in front 30-34 in four games. Despite this, Corrientes Básquet could not break the game and things remained even, Florida again tied the actions and with a double from Florencia Martínez concluded the second to last chapter 40 to 38 in favor of the locals.

The meeting did not vary at all and it remained even until the closing. Those led by Grosso relied offensively on their figure, Miculka, who scored 6 points in a row. Then, Duarte left things equal in 48 averaging the 3 minutes of play, and there Miculka committed his fourth personal foul, so he had to sit down, and that was well taken advantage of by Corrientes, who with Murphy and Leiva made a good difference in the absence of just under five minutes, 48 ​​to 55.

The return to the court of the experienced Union Florida pivot was key, since with 7 consecutive points she put hers in front of 60 to 58 with 24 seconds left. In the offensive replacement of Corrientes Básquet the controversy occurred, since a foul in attack by Agustina Leiva whistled by the judges behind a curtain began to sink the story for the Corrientes. Then Miculka herself went to the line with five seconds left. He did not convert any and on the rebound Duarte had to take a highly demanded shot that did not go well. Thus ended the match that was 60 to 58 for Unión Florida.

Corrientes Básquet thus closes its second double competition weekend, now hoping to draw the blood from its eye in its first presentation in Corrientes. Let us remember that for the first time it disembarks from the Women’s League in the province, where the hosts will receive Quimsa and Catamarca Básquet.


The synthesis:

Union Florida (60): Munay Martínez 3, Florencia Martínez 11, Sabrina Rodighero 4, Carla Miculka 27 and Romina Touzón 2 (FI); Julieta Sienra 2, Sol Laviero 9 and Delfina Sanabria 2.

DT: Nicolás Grosso.

Basketball Streams (58): Aldana Duarte 8, Sofía Cabrera 14, Valentina Numa 0, Agustina Leiva 17 and Malvina D’agostino 0 (FI); Julieta Tell 0, Candela Chiaia 10, Adriana Murphy 9.

DT: Renato Novatti.

Partial: 10/15, 30/29 (15/19), 40/38 (10/9), 60/58 (20/20).

Judges: Romina Morales, Noeli Sartori and Daniela Pascual.

Stadium: Hector Etchart.

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In a controversial final, Corrientes Básquet lost to Unión Florida