“I’m super grateful to play here”

Rowers won a tough game and got into the Gold Cup for the first time. After the Total Basketball match, Sylvie Bouissa, one of the team’s leaders, spoke.

Bohemios dominated the entire game to the coastal ones, who won it in the end, consulted for the key to such an important victory Sylvie said: “Without a doubt the defense, because things weren’t working out in attack, we knew that defending hard was going to help us to achieve running points. Likewise, there were 10 minutes left and we were down 10 points, but we never lowered our heads because we were clear that we had to fight until the end ”.

Rowers qualified for the Gold Cup winning, but did not have his best afternoon. To be left out they had to lose by more than 32 points and this distance was never seen in the game: “I think that perhaps we trust a little in that yes, also the move that we must travel during the week because the matches were anticipated and without a doubt we do not enter with the same head as in the Hebraica and Malvín matches. Likewise, we were not 100% entering the Gold Cup so we had to take this match to be safe. But without a doubt that we entered with another head and that could have affected ”.

Remeros’ first goal was to get into the Gold Cup and achieving it is a great prize, but now without a doubt the team will go for more: “The first step we had to take was to be in the Gold Championship, now we just have to wait to see who we face. This is undoubtedly very good for the team that has had very good seasons and this year they managed to take that little step to continue growing ”.

One of the fundamental pieces of the team is undoubtedly Ornella Bacchini, who debuted on the double-day weekend for the coastal areas against Yale and Montevideo in the city of Mercedes, consulted about how much those matches were worth for the final stretch of the tournament and the Ornella’s ensemble on the team Sylvie said: “That weekend we were very accommodating as a team, we were also able to integrate Ornella, two games in a row was very good for us, because she had just arrived and we were able to include her in our game and we adapt to her, she is a very good player and assistant. There is no doubt that that weekend was a plus, we put first to go out determined to the Gold Cup ”.

To close the base, he spoke of his experience in the coast team: “The club is phenomenal, the girls who stay there lack nothing, they have everything and the plus of the field next door. The club itself is spectacular and now that the heat is coming, those pools have to be taken advantage of (laughs). We have all the support, they are accommodating us very well on the training days, now that we have to play on Tuesday they have adapted to our need. Undoubtedly, Rowers there in Mercedes has had a great growth in recent years and has supported a lot this women’s undertaking, I am super grateful to play here ”.

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“I’m super grateful to play here”