“I’m really enjoying this moment”

Verdirrojo achieved an important victory against Stockolmo that allows him to continue on the path of victory. After finishing the game, Basketball Total spoke with Andres Dotti who was the great figure of the night.

After the victory, Dotti commented on his first feelings: “It is a good victory. The truth is that the team played very well and we are enjoying basketball, playing together and I think it shows because the ball flows, we do the things we have to do, which is why we are enjoying this moment ”.

One of the keys was the defensive part: “Without a doubt, defense was very important. We have a virtue that we defend very strongly and that allows us to raise the tone to be able to run the court later. Our defensive side is vital to start marking the games and I think that today we did it from the start as it should be, that made it possible for us to lead the game ”.

Another key was to cancel Anthony Danridge: “We are lucky to have Martín (Aguilera) who is by far the best defender in the championship and one of the best in Uruguay, so having him on our side is divine because game by game whoever is put forward cancels it, it is one thing. crazy (laughs). He did a barbarous job, apart from Tony going to score the same, I think it made him play uncomfortable and we take advantage of that because it allows us to play calmer ”.

From the beginning, Ortega’s team was fine from 6.75. On the importance of having good shooters, Dotti commented: “I think we found triples from the beginning and that allowed us to flow better, find gaps. When they closed with me, we found shots from several teammates and that made it possible for us to take advantage ”.

Andres Dotti ended up being the top scorer of the match and is in his prime: “The truth is that I am really enjoying this moment, I come to play and have fun. I’m happy to come and I think it shows on the court. If something goes wrong, the next one will go well and with that head I think the whole team is there; everyone enjoying it, that is reflected in the result and in turn in everything that surrounds the team ”.

Verdirrojo obtained a victory that allows him to dream of going ahead in the playoffs. On how he sees the team, the clerk commented: “We have to think about the next game, we are aware that we have two finals left and we have to try to win them and then time will tell if we can go with an advantage or go straight, but everything will be welcome. We are clear that we must go game by game so as not to get anxious ”.

Finally, he referred to how the tournament level has been: “The truth is that it is divine because it has been very even. It had been a long time since I had seen a championship with such parity where everyone beats everyone and that I think is good for the championship because it generates that uncertainty. It is good for the tournament, especially for the spectators and we also enjoy it a lot because it is always nice to play even matches ”.