“I’m here to do whatever it takes for the team”

25 de Agosto reaped another victory, defeating the Prado’s “S”, in figures from 82 to 80. After the duel, Básquet Total spoke with Brian García.

The we really knew that he was going to be an intense match, it was going to cost us a lot. In addition to all the defeats that we have been having in the closing. I knew it was going to get complicated. Two companions who are very important were injured, We were able to get it out and this will give us strength to continue ”, He started analyzing the game.

Then, he went on to explain where the errors were: “We gave him many points after loss, we had over 20 losses but I’m wrong, it’s a lot. If we control that we can control the game better, then in attack we have players who can score, and it is only to read the advantages of the rivals, it goes there. The only thing we are not being able to do is close the games, we are hitting badly at the closings. We will have to change the footprint and the head “.

He mentioned the importance of the matches that are coming: “These three games are important to improve more than anything, obviously we will want to win to get an advantage. We have to improve as a team and where we have to aim. We have to think about the Playorff “.

How much the loss of Franco Pennacchiotti and Andrés Aristimuno on August 25 weighs him, knowing the importance they have collectively, he commented: “It weighs a lot for the group, in the case of Franco Pennacchiotti today was his last game. Its Taba in health, wanted to play the same and ended on sprain. Andrés Aristimuno had started the first half very well, it was the first game he started as a starter. And by bad luck he ended up twisting his ankle, hopefully I don’t know anything for either of them, since they are very important for the human group “.

García had control of the game towards the end of the last quarter, he took center stage, consulted how he feels in this role, and that is how he referred: “ANDI’m here to do whatever it takes for the team. I try to generate because I know that the opposing defenses go a lot with me, one tries to do a little of everything. There are times when the physical does not end up giving but hey. Whatever is best for the team, they will always try to give “.

Brian García was consulted for the objectives of 25 in this Metro, he briefly commented: “We have to aim for Playoffs. If we can go with an advantage better. On the other hand, if we have to go back, we know that we have to win two games against whoever we are. We have our head in that.