“I’m going to take it as a rematch” – DiarioSports – San Francisco

Milton Vittar returns to San Isidro after his passage in the 2019/20 season. That time he had a severe injury before starting the season that prevented him from playing it from the beginning.

In the Red Hawks he played nine games where he averaged 1.6 points, 1.3 assists in 14.7 minutes. It will be his second season at the Corrientes street club and he will seek to contribute what he could not two years ago. DSP spoke on Thursday after passing through the institution where he was speaking with coach Daniel Beltramo.

The base native of Santiago del Estero spoke about his return to the “saint” and reflected that “I am very happy for this new opportunity. I know the club that is San Isidro, what they want, I know the people and others. I am grateful for this opportunity and I am going to take it as a revenge for that time I came and unfortunately had to injure myself in the first week and then it was suspended due to the pandemic “.

On what happened in the season of his injury, he expressed that “What happened has already happened, they are things that can happen. For me it is like a rematch and I will try to claim what could have been in that season beyond the fact that the group is different and the coach is also different “.

The santiagueño was in the city and posed with the “holy” shirt

Faced with the call of the Corrientes street leadership, I do not hesitate to answer. “I had some offers but I liked this one. I have had contact with the coach before he told me if he wanted to come here. It was one of the best options and I did not hesitate to say yes “.

This Thursday the player was in dialogue with coach Daniel Beltramo. Given this he argued that “We talked a bit about his game idea and he asked me my game idea, what I liked to do and how to play. We talked a bit about how the year is going to be, that I am going to try to lead a bit because I am going to be the biggest player in the squad and I am going to have to be with the boys, accompany them “.

Vittar comes from being in a young team also like that of the Ceres Olympic Center, being a reference and affirmed that “I feel comfortable, I like it and it will come out naturally because I am like that. I know some of the boys here but we did not have time to share much but they have a lot to give, with great potential and we will try to help them in whatever way we can, to add everything they can hear and learn “.

He did not miss and comment on the assembly of the team he will lead. “I like the team that by name is going to play a very intense basketball and by the coach’s game system. We have to try to train him in the best way on the pitch and try to do our best “.

Milton Vittar
Vittar already had a step in San Isidro

The santiagueño knows the Argentine League and referred to what was last season and what he expects from the next one. “The last league was very rare and very atypical. We trained too many days and you played many games in a few days. It was not the best but it was the same for everyone, some teams played more at home than others “.

Added that “I believe that this season the Argentine League is going to be even more competitive, we are seeing teams that are putting together well, it will be very tough as always and hopefully we can play home and away as normal. It is nice to play on the field that you train every day with an audience that can accompany you because the locality is very important “.

As of September 6, the team will begin the preseason and Milton assured that “For now I want to start the preseason in the best way and get to know the guys that I haven’t played around there. I want to train well, do things well and start the tournament in the best way ”.

At the group level he said that “The idea is to be as high as possible, out there if you can set a goal at the beginning is to be among the eight and play the playoffs. That is the main thing that we have talked about but it is clear that when one arranges in a team one is excited about promotion “.