“If we do things we can win the series”

Unión Atlética achieved the classification to the Quarterfinals after beating Verdirrojo by 90 to 78. The “Tico” Delgado, who stood out with 25 points and 12 rebounds, spoke with Basketball Total.

First of all, Nicolás dedicated a few words to his rival’s season: “I want to congratulate Verdirrojo. This victory of ours does not overshadow the campaign they did. They sent a great championship, where they were within a game of getting between the four. I want to congratulate for the work done by the coaching staff, the leaders and the players who left everything on the pitch”.

On the victory of Unión Atlética, he commented: “It was a very tough game. I am happy with our performance, for having taken this game, and without Emilio, who is our class A player. I am more than happy”.

In the second quarter, Emilio Taboada was injured and could not return to the game. Felipe Trusich had to assume those minutes, and he did it in an outstanding way (16 points with 4/6 in triples). On the performance of his partner, Delgado said: “I saw it very well. The leadership bet on these players to give them confidence and to take advantage of these minutes. It is in them, they have everything. With Emilio we came to add and Daniel gives them a lot of freedom. They have to take advantage, and the truth is that today Felipe took advantage of it very well. I am very happy for him, for Federico, for Joaquín and for all those who are doing things well”.

Due to the short rotation of the squad, the “tico” had to play all 40 minutes of the game. “I feel good. If I tell you that I’m fine, I’ll lie to you because I’m all broken. Now to recover thinking about the next one. I have good sanity to recover”, He commented.

Finally, Delgado spoke about the quarterfinal series against Lagomar: “It will be very hard. For something they entered between the four. They have a great team. They suffered the “kitten” injury (Perdomo), but I think they are very good. They are the candidates, but if we do things we can win the series”.