Ibon Navarro. “Hopefully the team will continue to grow”

template status. “We have some problem with Tyler Kalinoski who is with a stomach virus, let’s hope he can recover and help us on Sunday. Some with a rhythm of having worked all week, the others could use these two days off after being with the national teams and immediately having come and played in Santiago. We had to give them a break and we will see if we arrive in the best conditions on Sunday”.

work of the weeka. “Normally, in the end, when you have to play in European competition, the incidents that there are with Carpena for the Davis Cup of having to go abroad for different events, because we hook up several away games. We come from playing three in a row at home. They are incidents of the calendar that should not be given more importance ”.

Match plan against Valencia. “Just as you asked me what I thought of the window, if it was good or bad, well I tell you the same about this. When the game is over and depending on how the game has gone and the result, it will be one thing or another. What we have to do is worry about our game plan, to execute it and do things well, to be competitive, to be competitive in small games within the game. The one with the rebound, the rhythm, the physical battle because they are a Euroleague team and then we will see if playing two games has weighed more on them or, on the contrary, it has given them a very high pace of competition, it has restored their confidence with a positive result today against Zalgiris, after the good feelings they could have had against Madrid. We will see that in the game, before it is to play at being a fortune teller and we are none of it ”.

problems with triples. “We have players who last year were above 40% on three-point shots and it’s a matter of everyone adapting to the demands that exist on both sides of the court. When behind you have to be at a level of intensity above normal and what you are used to, because when you go forward and you have to shoot you have a faster heart rate than normal. It’s a matter of getting used to it, of continuing to work, pulling and being confident. Also, don’t create problems where there aren’t any, we are a team that knows where we have to win the games and it’s not with the triple. I think the team is doing what it has to do and is maintaining a very high competitive level. It also seemed that we had a problem with free throws and the other day we won with an excellent percentage”.

Team strength. “We forget that the rival also plays, that he poses a lot of problems for you, that he has very good players and that he prepares the matches. It’s a matter of continuing to fight, on Joventut day we weren’t able when they left eight to come back and the other day we did. I prefer to be optimistic, I see the team grow in some things, we are going to have bad moments, defeats and bad games. As long as those games and those problems don’t come to us, let’s not go looking for them, that is, in the same circumstances the team in previous situations has responded worse than in Santiago and we cannot fail to appreciate that the rest of the teams are good teams in the ACB League. The game with Obradoiro helps you grow mentally and tactically”.

Cup accounts. “Right now there is more than half left, so anything can happen. I hope we continue without injury problems and that the team continues to grow because we have a lot of margin, but we also have to see how we get out of this maelstrom of away games. We are going to see if what we have done thinking that it is going to come to us, works out for us. It is evident that with a six to three we are closer than with a five to four, but it does not mean anything because there are many games left. There are seven teams that are going to be sure, I already told you, there is one place left that we are going to see if it can be us”.

Kendrick Perry in Santiagoeither. “Surely he protected himself in many contacts due to the issue of his back, it is true that in what he looks like in the statistics, in the baskets, he looked good in the open field, quite comfortable. Behind we saw him further from the ball, with a certain fear of contacts. We suffer at certain times with the bases of it. He has to improve, this week the rest will have been good for him, his back is much better, we are going to see if we recover the best version of him, not only forward but also behind ”

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Ibon Navarro. “Hopefully the team will continue to grow”