“I would like to stay and play here”

Very nice talk with the foreigner Martín Chervo after the victory of Danubio. He came over and chatted about various topics. The Uruguayan basketball, the team, the refereeing, the Danubio fans and left a little message for the League teams.

A very good victory, 3-4 record to settle in. On this he stated: “We are a team very sacrificed to achieve the triumphs. It has been costing us much beyond the game with Sayago who was a liar. We are trying to find a philosophy of the game, Danubio is not going to play great basketball, we have nothing to spare, but we don’t have much to do either. Our thing is to defend hard and then run the court and attack ”.

“We have to be very supportive in attack and in defense to leave everything. The games we won were when we defended the best and in attack things came out because we have a goal from several sides and we show it in almost all the games, but we have to lower the scoring of the rivals. We are closing the games better, each one is finding their role, which is very important “ He said of the Danube gaming philosophy.

It is a team that gets more stretched as the games go on. From this, he contributed: “Not to mention, in this capable team that we are a little short in what is the pivot zone, but at the top any of the kids can enter, they are all guys with a lot of desire. When it comes to playing, it’s their chance and they have to show. Many times the moment to enter is not to attack but to defend, but many times a good defense is much more than a good attack ”.

“I am very frustrated by some whistles that are very fine, I am trying to get used to the refereeing here, trying not to get angry and leaving the game that the team needs me and Guido (Fernández) gives me the confidence that I need. I went to halftime very hot and came back very well on my head, ready for Danubio to win anyway “ he analyzed the two very different times he had personally.

From his vision of Uruguayan basketball, he marked: “He is more dynamic than the Argentine, we are used to playing a little more transitions, making plays, consuming the 24 seconds and here it is more dynamic where most teams bet first on running and then playing parked. It took me a couple of weeks to adapt, I had to lose kilos because otherwise I would not arrive with the little ones (laughs). I am adapting, I am happy and grateful to the people of Danubio for allowing me to be here ”.

“The truth is that I would like to stay and play here, try a little more time, if you have to welcome it, if not we will continue looking for new challenges” It marked his desire to continue in Uruguay.

Regarding the comments that have been made about the club’s fans, he contributed: “The people of Danubio live football, basketball, the shield to heart. The last games we won sent messages to my social networks, encouraging me and congratulating me for leaving everything for the shirt. Beyond that it is my job, that they send you those things and make you feel affection, it is to value ”.