“I thought I wasn’t going to play anymore”

Rodrigo Trelles was one of the Bohemios figures in the away win over Auriblanco. After the match ended, the forward of the albimarrón approached to talk with Básquet Total.

Asked about the importance of the point obtained against an opponent who armed himself to fight above, the forward said: “They have a great team. We have centimeters to go down, that’s why the loss of Claudio Charquero, who is an unbalancing player for the division, suited us very well ”.

“We knew that Auriblanco is one of the teams that scores the most counterattack points in the tournament. They left us there at that time, I think it was because of our deconcentration. In addition, we did not enter the balls in attack and that complicated everything ” He expressed about what was the weakest passage of Bohemios in the party.

The kids of the club, Lucas Touron and Federico Carrancio, gave a great hand coming from the substitute bench. Regarding his teammates, the referent of the albimarrón said the following: “They are the ones who put the rhythm to the defense. They changed the party by controlling Mayora in the driving and penetrations of Erroizarena. They are fundamental for us, I am no longer able to run so much. Knowing that there are kids who want to run the whole game is great for us ”.

“It’s that feeling of belonging, of doing something for the club at this difficult time. I honestly thought that I was not going to play anymore, due to injuries or other things. So the fact of sharing again with people from the institution makes me very happy ” He responded about what it means for him, defending the colors of the team that formed him and sharing the pitch with many kids from the quarry.

To close, we asked him about the objectives of those led by Ignacio Carrerou in the tournament. This was the response of number 5: “We are for what is happening now. Come to compete, give the best face night after night. I think Reducto has more team than us, but in that game we went to the field doubting our potential. Today we show that we have a very intense defense from the bench and several players who can put it in from the outside. We did not set any goals, the objective was to compete and we are doing it ”.

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“I thought I wasn’t going to play anymore”