“I never imagined that I was going to define it”

Jessica da Costa appeared at the close and with a double and foul with four seconds remaining, she put Defensor Sporting up by a minimum. After the meeting he spoke with Básquet Total.

“I still haven’t fallen. It was very hard but luckily we knew how to move forward “, one of the figures of Gino Alderete’s team began by saying.

Jessica had the last offense of the champions and with her physical classic she did not think about it and she sent to the ring scoring and taking the free-kick and then hitting the single. The ex-macabi entered the closing due to the fifth foul by Krystal Cordara and when consulted about the play she was clear: “I never imagined that the game was going to define it, but luckily it happened to me. It was not easy at all what happened to us. We came back after coming back 10 points down and having the finish like this, it generates a strange feeling. But luckily we won “

Despite the good closing, da Costa committed a foolish foul when he replaced Remeros under his hoop, which ended up giving Gianina Tiscornia the chance to go to the free line and win it from there. Fortune was on the side of the reigning champions and after failing the second, the violets breathed again: “Don’t tell me (laughs). I honestly didn’t realize what I did. Emotions won me over, but you learn from mistakes and you have to keep working. Although we did not have a good game in the percentages, but for that reason we have to keep working to get to second place well ”.

Defensor Sporting’s hands always appear. Not only from the starting quintet, but also from those waiting outside: “We have a plus. Those of us at the bank are always ready to enter and today it was Mapi (María Paz Rivera) or I who entered to contribute and give everything. We are all ready ”.

Violets start with an advantage after a fierce game: “We knew that this key was going to be very difficult and the games have to be played. Everything is very even, very hard, so we have to continue in this one ”. In addition, da Costa is self-critical and knows that there are things to improve for next Thursday, November 17: “We have to correct some details that we made both today and the other day. We have to keep improving the defense, which is what feeds us and then run the court and we will see if we can improve the percentages a little more ”.

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“I never imagined that I was going to define it”