“I have been a basketball player for 45 years, I was a judge and nothing like this ever happened to me”

Jose María Busanello, President of Larrañaga, spoke with Básquet Total after the events of public knowledge.

“We are going to make the corresponding complaint. Everybody saw what happened. If the players are sanctioned for touching a referee, I imagine there will be some kind of sanction for a judge who touches a player, he pushed him. The judge has all the items if a player is bothering him. A technician can charge him, eject him, do whatever he sees fit but never push or touch him. I’m 45 years old in basketball, I was a basketball judge and nothing like this ever happened to me. I’ve never seen a situation like this. Besides it is clear that the player is not going to touch him, he does not push him, he does nothing. He is directly annoyed that she gets in front of him and runs him, pushes him. It seems to me that it is not normal. Some measure they will have to take. Our duty is to denounce, then what they do in the Federation is their issue. The other day they say that Barriola touched him with his finger and they are going to punish him with matches because he touched him with a finger, and with this, what are they going to do? Are they going to punish him with months? I do what corresponds to my club with all the elements of what happened there and the 30 seconds before. The shortlist, according to the comments of all the journalists present, said that they took away the victory from Larrañaga but against that you cannot go, they are mistakes. They are three people who did not see it when the whole stadium saw it. This is DTA and the level of the judges is commensurate with the level of basketball that is played and that is as far as I can understand. Now that a judge pushes a player, I can’t understand that in any way. Our complaint will be punctually due to the judge’s aggression against the player and I imagine that if there were any from the Federation watching the game, they will take the corresponding measures regarding the aggression, but that is no longer our concern. The judges can be good, bad or regular, they can charge well, bad or regular but that is a normal issue in any division, but they cannot touch you, they cannot push you ” began by saying the highest authority of the institution of Francisco Simón Street.

Busanello was not present at the meeting but instantly learned what had happened: “I am not going to the games for a health issue but I am constantly in communication with everyone who does. Now, it came to me from everywhere, but not only from players, leaders, but from all of basketball. It is nothing that I am inventing. The match was unfortunately lost but they were wrong. The big ones are wrong and also the little ones ”.

Larrañaga will make the corresponding complaint to the Federation taking into account that it is still within the deadlines established by the regulations: “Tomorrow (today) we are going to file the formal complaint because we have two business days after the game to file the complaint. Tomorrow we will raise the same to whom it corresponds “

Asked about Agustín Cabillón’s reaction, Busanello was specific: “Agustín I don’t think he went to complain about the three-point infraction. He must have gone to claim the previous play that they did not charge him and ends up complicating the game but it is not the case. If he was wrong, if he complained, if he was insulted or whatever, the judge has all the arguments to do what he wants and did not use any. When the game ends, three people from outside Larrañaga are denounced, after everything that happened. The inspector approached him and asked “how are you going to report them without calling me first? I take them out ”and he said no, no way. So, apart from everything that happened, they identified and fired three partisans that we were 15. That if they saw it but the rest of the things not. They do not speak of the push from their partner, luckily there is the video that the BUA also jumped for something, also releasing the statement.

Regarding the statement released by the BUA and how the institution took it, the President was emphatic: “It’s not how Larrañaga took it, it’s basketball. Now the judges for being judges can do anything ?. No, they cannot, they have the weapons to collect. You can be wrong, of course. They are wrong a thousand times like the players and leaders who are almost always wrong. But from there to touching, pushing, it is different, that is an aggression. If the player does that with the judge, it is aggression and they suspend him. Larrañaga expects the same sanctions that are for the players for acting badly, the leaders for acting badly, the fans for acting badly, that for the judges it is the same, or are they different? We are all the same and I hope that the bodies of the Federation with all the tests that we are going to take, which are in all social networks and not only we have them, that they make the corresponding determination. And the first thing that would have to happen is that the judge apologizes and he did not communicate with absolutely anyone from the club. If they, because they are judges, believe that they have impunity, they are wrong. We are not going to put all the judges on the same line, because they all make mistakes but not all of them do this, they are all clear on how to act. In addition, other players from the other team joined who complained about the arrogance and the way of speaking towards the players. Obviously it is disrespectful. It is an issue that we will have to check, the tests are in sight and we hope that those who have to fail, fail and the issue is over. The game was lost and against that there is nothing to do ”.

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“I have been a basketball player for 45 years, I was a judge and nothing like this ever happened to me”