“I didn’t want something, I think I did everything I could do” – DiarioSports – San Francisco

Ready, determined, convinced and with new goals in mind. Germán Sciutto retired as a player, ended his career at age 43 and will start as coach in Italy next week. He spoke hand-in-hand with DSP.

He started looking for all the shirts, he had them perfectly stored, like the treasure that they are. “I’m missing the one from the ’98 promotion that I don’t have here”, He was commenting while he remembered some other anecdote by the clubs in which he played. He is happy, he is sure of the decision he made and convinced to start the new stage in his life with the same enthusiasm and passion as he did as a player.

Germán Sciutto sat down and said “I have come this far, it’s time to turn the page and start from scratch as a coach”. Received DAILYPORTS At home, the basketball hoop at the entrance to the house has already made it clear that this sport is breathed there. The San Isidro shirt for the 250 games hanging on the wall of one of the rooms, reaffirms it.

“I have not written anything yet, but I am going to thank all the clubs I played for, but it will not cost me to put the word out. I retired, I have already turned the page, it is already decided and totally assumed. I put that in my head, I made the decision to be a coach and that’s it, I have no doubts, if I had, I would not have accepted the proposal from Italy “, began the talk, confirming his next destination: Osimo of the Italian fourth division.

“About ten days ago I had stopped going to the club, from training, running in the street, but no more than that. After a week I went to shoot the basket and I did not feel that flash that I always felt when training, I thought it could be for a year and a half without playing an official match. That’s when the first proposal from a club as a coach arrived and that made me think a lot. Almost at the same moment the opportunity came to go to San Martín de Marcos Juárez to retire playing the Provincial and he put me against the sword and the wall “, he relates.

The calling that defined him

“I analyzed a lot about going to Italy in four months, after the Provincial, but they want me there as soon as possible. I did not know what to do until I contacted the “milli” Villar who made me see something that no one made me see. He told me in the message that he was already a former player, that I could not continue denying and punishing the body, that I had already had my career and that it was over. He told me that coaching was good for my future, that I looked good because of the desire I have and that made me click to decide ”.

Your desire to be a coach

“I already have two years of the coaching course, I have a year left to finish, but now things are changing in Italy, there I will go training and studying to get the card there. I had it very clear for a long time that I want to be a coach, I told the San Isidro leadership that I wanted to be a coach of the inferiors, that I wanted to start adding experience in that, I knew that if someone opened the doors to be a coach, I was going to face a new stage in my life and that happened in Italy. I have already made the decision and in Europe I will begin the new stage, I am already preparing myself and from the first days of September I will start that path, I will leave next week ”.

Being a player is not the same as a coach

“I had coaches who were players, many train thinking as if they were on the court. You have to be a coach, obviously you have experiences as a player, but in the game what you did is not going to count. In the player stage, you see that the coaches are good and that I didn’t like it, that’s why you have to promote those good things and not the bad things ”.

In Osimo, the beginning of the new, then the end as a player

“I played my last official game at that club and that’s where my new stage will begin. I have a very good relationship, very good people and friends. When I was there I presented them with a project for the future and from the moment we continue talking about what can be done. The president spoke to me, he told me that he loved me but not as a player, but as a coach. It is a fourth category, semi-professional, that is why a large part of the team works on something else besides playing basketball. So the idea is to train the recruits and the first-rate guys in the morning. At night the head coach takes over and I give him a hand as an assistant ”.

What do you take with you, of all the years, in your stage as a player?

I stay with the experience, with all the very good people I met. I have many friends thanks to basketball. I did not want something, I think I did everything I could do, I did not have anything left to leave, I always wanted to leave in each club that I played the best, that it was not for the money, if a job with all the responsibility that that entails. Basketball marked me a lot in the word of the little ones, before it was very closed, but when I grew up I realized that kids need the word of a bigger one, that they want advice and he made it clear to me that you can always learn, but you also have to teach.

What play do you remember, is there one that marked you in more than 25 years as a professional?

If there are, I have some that I always remember. There is one that I had from my first year in Italy, it was with Leopoldo Ruiz Moreno in Ragussa. He was one of my references, I never told him and I say it now. There were 2 seconds left to finish the game and they won by one and had two free throws; we ended up winning it. Between free and free, I told her that I was going to threaten to look for her and ran with everything for the other ring, to throw it to me. Leopoldo has a glove in his hand, the first they missed and the second they put it in, I faked and ran with all my desire, I raised my head and saw that the ball was perfect, I arrived and not only did I double, but they did me missing, I put the free and we won. There are two or three more, but that one marked me.

As a player you proposed things to yourself and you achieved them, as a coach are you going to do the same?

If I tell you what I think they will tell me I’m crazy, but I’ll keep it to myself. I am going with two intentions, to gain experience and make a career as a coach and go as far as possible. I have a big goal, which I hope I can accomplish, but to get there I have to learn a lot of things, that doesn’t happen overnight, but by studying, learning and putting in some things that I like, it will be possible to achieve. The second idea I have is to be able to settle as a family in Italy, it was always the idea and now with this opportunity it has re-floated, for now I’m going to go alone, but knowing that in the short term the idea is to take the whole family.