“I did not hesitate to give it to him because I knew he was going to put it in”

Unión Atlética achieved a triumph against Lagomar and put the series 1-0. Federico Ambrosoni was a fundamental piece and assisted the winning shot on the buzzer. After the game he spoke with Básquet Total.

Ambrosoni spoke of the importance of hitting the best of three first in a series, but without neglecting: “He was a very tough opponent, we were not coming as favorites. We knew that, if we did the work that we have been doing, we worked it from behind, we could take the game. It happened like that and we ended up winning it in an incredible ball at the end ”.

The favorite in the series is Lagomar, but now the UA left him on the ropes and he is only 40 minutes away from the semifinals: “We honestly don’t think much about whether or not we are favorites. We work the game to die, as if it were the last, working from scratch and leaving everything on the court to win ”.

Union won it with the kids of the club, the assistance of Ambrosoni to Joaquín Dios for the triple in the hour is a play that shows his knowledge from a very young age: “We have to realize who is illuminated at night, today it was not mine, Joaquín was coming in. In that play I penetrate, I see Joaquín alone and do not doubt it. Every morning I shoot a huge number of shots with Joaquín and I know he makes those shots. I did not hesitate to give it to him because I knew he was going to put it in. “

The Union party took it based on defense, leaving Lagomar in a low score, of this Federico said: “It is the key if we want to win this type of game. We started a bit difficult, a second quarter where they converted us a lot (29 points), but we were able to overcome it. By working hard we know that we are good defenders and that is how we should run the games. “

To finish, Ambrosoni talked about how to prepare for Wednesday’s match that can leave them in the semifinals of El Metro 2021: “First of all you have to clear your head and think that we are 0 to 0. Try to take the game the same as this and put in each ball as if it were the last.”